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Collective Bargaining Agreements

Recent Agreements
2011-2019 Uniform Superior Officers Coalition Economic Agreement
2007-2016 32 BJ Agreement with Local 891
2007-2016 Local 94 with Local 891 MOA
2008-2016 891 MOA-NYC
2009-2017 UPOA-NYC Memorandum of Agreement
2009-2018 1199-NYC-HHC Memorandum of Agreement
2009-2018 UFT- NYC Memorandum of Agreement
2010-2017 DC37-NYC Memorandum of Agreement
2010-2019 NYSNA-NYC-HHC Memorandum of Agreement
2010-2018 Local 237-NYC Memorandum of Agreement
2011-2018 Local 300, SEIU-NYC Memorandum of Agreement
2014 MLC-NYC Health Savings Agreement
7 Year Pattern Summary
9 Year Pattern Summary

2015 Mayoral Personnel Orders
2015-1 and 2015-2 Managerial and OJ Pay Increases
PPME Pay Plan 2015
Schedule I A
Schedule I B
Schedule I C
Schedule II A
Schedule II B
Schedule II C
Schedule III
Schedule IV

Past Agreements
1995-2001 Citywide Agreement
Civilian Contracts
Uniformed Contracts

Report of Status of Healthcare Savings Q1/Q2 Fiscal 2015

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
EAPs are staffed by professional counselors who can help employees and their eligible dependents handle problems in areas such as stress, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health, and family difficulties.

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