Workforce Development Board

Information on WIOA Title II Application Process

NEW as of 2/5/2018:

  • Link to the NYC application site is now live.  This is how your organization will submit Attachment 5 to the New York City Workforce Development Board.  Please see below.
  • Supplemental questions for organizations seeking partnership with the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) are now available below.
  • MS Word version of Attachment 5 available below.
  • Excerpts from NYSED’s Q&A document that clarify instructions for submitting Attachment 5 to the local workforce development board are now posted.

The NYC Workforce Development Board will post any information relevant to prospective WIOA Title II applicants in this space. According to the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), local workforce development boards are required to review all WIOA Title II adult education applications for funding and determine whether they are aligned with the Local Plan. In New York State, local boards do not score these applications, they simply determine whether they are aligned.

  1. Link to NYC application site: (Note: this online application site will only be used by applicants to submit Attachment 5 of the WIOA Title II RFP to the NYC Workforce Development Board.)  This site is owned by SurveyMonkey.  If you have an existing SurveyMonkey account and use the same email address to log into this site, you will need to provide your SurveyMonkey password (or reset it).IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE COMPLETEING YOUR APPLICATION OR UPLOADING YOUR ATTACHMENT 5 DOCUMENT, PLEASE EMAIL YOUR ATTACHMENT 5 TO
  2. Supplemental Questions from the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA):  Questions for organizations seeking a letter of support or language to strengthen their applications.
  3. MS Word Version of Attachment 5:  Link
  4. Q&A Excerpts:  Questions and answers from NYSED’s document that relate to submitting Attachment 5.
  5. WIOA Local Plan: Download the 7-page WIOA Local Plan that the Board will use to determine whether each application is aligned.
  6. Public Presentation: Download the presentation from the NYC Workforce Development Board's public information session on January 18, 2018.
  7. Download the in-demand occupation list for New York City.
  8. Instructions for adding a training provider to New York City's ETPL (Eligible Training Provider List) can be found at
  9. Frequently Asked Questions about submitting Attachment 5 to the NYC Workforce Development Board: Link. The FAQs will be amended as we receive more questions. Please check the link frequently for updates.

Overview of the New York City Workforce Development Board (WDB)

The NYC Workforce Development Board (WDB) engages leaders from the private sector, public agencies, labor unions and community-based organizations – all volunteers appointed by the Mayor – to inform the City's policies and services for adult learners, jobseekers, and employers. The WDB is chartered by the federal government through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and managed by the NYC Office of Workforce Development.

The WDB conducts oversight of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (in PDF), or WIOA, allocations and sets broad priorities to help ensure that workforce initiatives successfully fulfill the Mayor's vision of a strong workforce development system. This vision includes three key components:
  1. A strong linkage to economic development projects in all five boroughs
  2. A tight connection with businesses to ensure their needs are met
  3. Services that effectively and efficiently connect New Yorkers to jobs in demand