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How to Write a Check

A check is a form of payment. When the recipient cashes or deposits your check, money is taken from your account. Below is an example of a basic check.  By moving your mouse over certain parts of the check, a definition box will pop up to provide more information. 

How to write a check in six easy steps:

  1. Write the date when the check can be cashed/deposited.

  2. Write the full name of the recipient. Be sure to spell the name correctly.

  3. Write the dollar amount in ordinal numbers (e.g., $500.00) and spell it out (e.g., five hundred).
    • If there is still space on the line after spelling out the dollar amount, draw a straight line (as seen in example above). This prevents someone from writing in more than the original intended amount.

  4. The memo line is optional but you should write in what the payment is for so that when you receive your bank statement you'll remember where the money went.

  5. Sign your name.

  6. Send the check to the recipient.