Office of Financial Empowerment
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Saving for the Future

When you were a child, putting a few pennies in the piggy bank each day made for a pretty heavy piggy at the end of the year.  By putting even a few dollars into a bank account each month, you can end up with pretty nice savings.
Quick ways to get into the savings habit
Learn the benefits of opening a bank account

College tuition is one cost that seems to go up every year.  That is why it is best to start saving for college now, whether for yourself or for your child.
Learn about the different types of college savings accounts
 Learn about the types of financial aid available

You're never too young or too old to start saving for retirement.  Many people may think they don't need to save for retirement because they'll get Social Security payments.  However, for some people Social Security payments may not be enough to pay for all expenses. 
Determine how much you need for retirement
Learn about the different types of retirement savings accounts to help you save