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This section includes links to relevant OFE programs and services, training opportunities, industry best practices, program design aids, and resources from OFE’s Financial Education Network (FEN) Forums.    

OFE Programs & Services
OFE conducts its own research to understand the financial needs and experiences of New Yorkers with low incomes. Through analysis of promising financial practices and strategic partnerships, OFE developed a number of programs to help New Yorkers with low incomes build their assets and grow their personal wealth. Refer clients to OFE programs and services that complement your services: 

Additional Resources
Visit OFE’s Publications page 
Request a presentation about OFE programs and services for your staff or clients 

Training Opportunities

For Youth Practitioners and Teachers

  • NEFE High School Financial Planning Program 
    Created by the National Endowment for Financial Education, this seven-unit Student Guide and Instructor’s Manual can help you teach personal finance in your classes or youth programs.
  • Financial Education Network Provider w!se Financial Literacy Certification Program 
    The program provides high school students with access to financial education and the opportunity to become certified financially literate. Teachers have access to training, educational resources, pre-tests, and online practice tests.
Best Practices in Service Delivery

Learn best practices for dealing with specific issues you may encounter with clients.

*Items marked with an asterisk were featured at one of OFE’s Financial Education Network (FEN) Forums.

Financial Counseling: Challenges and Techniques

Financial Coaching

Financial Counseling and Mental Health

Financial Education Workshop Delivery

Developing Presentation Skills

Teaching Adults in Classroom Settings

Program Design Aids

The following resources can assist in designing new programs.

  • NYC DCA/OFEFinancial Health Assessment Tool  
    Used by NYC Financial Empowerment Center counselors, this intake form can help you guide counseling sessions and also track client outcomes.  
  • Financial Education Core Competencies 
    Developed by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, these core competencies establish the basic concepts financial education program providers should cover.
FEN Forums

OFE coordinates the Financial Education Network (FEN) that brings together a diverse community of educators, community organizations, and service providers to deliver financial education and counseling. The Network has more than 300 members; 70 provide direct service to the public and are listed in the FEN Directory.

OFE holds several FEN Forums annually to assist members with skill building and networking. Diverse topics have included immigrant services, legal referrals, and federal credit card policies. According to a fall 2008 survey, 88% of attendees found FEN Forums to be valuable networking events, and 76% reported that the FEN had succeeded in informing them about best practices in financial education.

Not a member of the FEN? Join the Network 

Below is a list of FEN Forums to date, with links to available presentations and resources. Note: All information is accurate as of the date delivered.

November 2011 - Accessing Your Cash in Today's Banking Landscape

February 2011 - Taking Control of Debt: Helping Clients Defend Themselves against Unlawful and Aggressive Debt Collectors

October 2010 - Leveraging Public/Private Partnerships for Increased Resources

April 2010 - Understanding and Supporting Your Client: Techniques for Financial Counselors and Educators

September 2009 - Consumer Financial Protection and Credit Card Policy Reform

July 2009 - Immigration and Financial Education

April 2009 - Funders’ Perspective on Advancing the Field & Innovations in the Field: Aspen Institute and the Asset-Building Platform

February 2009 - Making Meaningful Legal Referrals

October 2008 - Medical Debt: A Barrier to Affordable Credit

July 2008 - Helping New Yorkers Deal with Debt Collection

April 2008 - How to Keep Them Coming Back for More: Strategies for Sustained Engagement of Clients

March 2008 - Adult Education Principles and Financial Coaching

December 2007 - Financial Education Network: Improving Quality and Accessibility

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