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Money Spending Quiz


Ahmed needs to buy a car.  He decides to write down what he wants in a car (mileage, size, style, features, etc.) so that he knows exactly what to look for at the car dealership.  He goes to Speedy's Used Car Dealers and finds the perfect compact car that meets his requirements. 

When Ahmed inquires about the car, the salesperson tells him that the dealership is having a special promotion on convertibles - $500 off the sale price.  The salesperson tells Ahmed that he should buy a convertible before the promotion ends.  A convertible isn't what Ahmed is looking for in a car and even with the discount, the car is out of his price range, but the salesperson says there's low financing available.

What should Ahmed do?
a. Sign up for the financing plan to get the convertible at the special offer
b. Stick to his original plan and ask questions about the compact car.