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NYC Brownfield Partnership

New York City Brownfield Partnership

The NYC Brownfield Partnership is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of brownfield stakeholders consisting principally of environmental consulting firms, environmental law firms, environmental remediation contracting firms, for-profit and not-for-profit brownfield development firms and community-based organizations that are involved with brownfields in New York City communities. The NYC Brownfield Partnership was established by OER in 2008 to provide community service in New York City and promote sustainable brownfield management. The NYC Brownfield Partnership (Partnership) is not an agency of the City of New York.

The Partnership now provides a series of community services including pro bono environmental consultation program for citizens who what to know more about a cleanup in their neighborhood and developers who have no experience with brownfield investigation or cleanup; a scholarship and internship program for college students; and an annual award program to recognize the most impressive brownfield cleanup projects each year.

To learn more about the NYC Brownfield Partnership and any of its community service programs, visit their website at or email them at You can also Contact OER.

Pro-Bono Environmental Counseling Program

In the NYC Voluntary Cleanup Program, citizens are encouraged to review and comment on Remedial Action Work Plans (cleanup plans) for all cleanup projects. However, these plans can often be highly technical and difficult to understand and citizens have expressed the need for assistance in evaluating these cleanup plans. To address this need, member organizations of the Partnership provide direct community counseling under their Pro Bono Environmental Counseling Program. If a community member requests assistance, an environmental consultant in the Partnership with no involvement on the project will review the cleanup plan and answer any questions citizens may have. This process is intended to be informal and candid, and lead to an impartial summary of the cleanup plan. Member organizations of the Partnership provide these services free of charge and independent of New York City government.

In other instances, a community developer or a small developer with no experience remediating a brownfield site might need help initiating a brownfield project for the first time. Similarly, the Pro Bono Environmental Counseling program can help.

NYC Brownfield Scholarship Program

Many of our future environmental leaders are currently students in colleges throughout the City. Investing in student education is a wise investment to ensure a continued supply of new environmental professionals to fill management and leadership roles and help New York City achieve its long-term environmental goals.

The Partnership now offers college scholarships under the NYC Brownfield Scholarship Program to promote the training and development of future environmental professionals in New York City. These scholarships provide valuable assistance to students in their efforts to pay for the costs of tuition for undergraduate and graduate education.

CUNY students with a demonstrated academic interest in brownfield management can apply for these scholarships. Scholarship recipients are selected on a competitive basis by the Partnership's Board of Directors and funding is provided by voluntary contributions by its member organizations.

Applications for this program can be found in the Applications toolbar on the Partnership website at

NYC Brownfield Internship Program

Internships provide motivated students with valuable career experience that can shape future decisions regarding their fields of study and provide a competitive advantage in obtaining jobs. To provide students with training and valuable employment experience in the brownfield profession, the Partnership offers a student internship program.

Member organizations in the NYC Brownfield Partnership provide internships to students from New York City colleges and universities with an interest in a professional career in New York City's brownfield industry. Member organizations include environmental consultants and contractors, real estate developers, environmental law firms and community-based organizations.

Applications can be found on the Partnership website at If you are a college or university student and would like more information on this program, email the NYC Brownfield Partnership at

Big Apple Brownfields Award Program

The Big Apple Brownfield Award Program was established by OER in 2009 and is now conducted annually by the Partnership. The awards celebrate and focus public attention on the most successful brownfield cleanup and redevelopment projects in ten categories, including innovative cleanup techniques, positive effects on local communities, and ingenuity in sustainability and green construction. Nominations are submitted in January and an awards ceremony is held the following spring.

Applications can be found on the Partnership website at

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