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Document Repository: Manhattan

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Project NameProject ID
220-231 East 125th St 11CBCP004M & 11CBCP005M
260 West 26th St 11CBCP011M
2329 Frederick Douglass Blvd 12CBCP020M
Hudson & Canal Hotels 12CBCP22M & 12CBCP23M
Highline 131410 [42-46 10th Avenue & 449-451 West 13th Street] 12CBCP027M
312 West 37th Street [Homewood Suites] 12CBCP028M
400 West 155th Street [Sugar Hill] 12CBCP031M
23 West 116th Street 12CBCP033M & 12CBCP034M
2211 Third Avenue 12CBCP037M
529 West 29th Street 12CVCP038M
400 Park Avenue South 12CBCP042M
508 West 24th Street 12CVCP044M
507 West 24th Street 12CVCP047M
372 Lafayette Street 13CVCP073M
15 Renwick Street 13CVCP080M
Riverside Center (Parcel 2) 13CVCP082M
545-551 West 48th Street & 534-542 West 49th Street 13CVCP083M
170 Amsterdam Avenue 13CVCP084M
West 125th Street and Lenox Avenue 13CVCP091M
403 Greenwich Street 13CVCP103M
547-551 Tenth Avenue 13CVCP104M
507-515 West 28th Street 13CVCP106M
551 West 21st Street 13CVCP107M
5 West 125th Street 13CVCP115M
81 East 125th Street 13CVCP120M
321-325 West 35th Street 13CVCP123M
464 West 130th Street 13CVCP125M
333 West 38th Street 13CVCP126M
122 East 32nd Street 13CVCP134M
257 West 29th Street 13CVCP136M
522-532 West 29th Street 13CVCP151M
524 East 74th Street 14CVCP200M
1901 Madison Avenue 14CVCP160M
546 West 44th Street 14CVCP162M
518-526 West 30th Street 14CVCP163M
182-188 11th Avenue 14CVCP166M
411 West 35th Street 14CVCP173M
1-15 West End Avenue 14CVCP182M
NYU Kimmel Pavilion 14CVCP183M
600 West 58th Street 14CVCP197M
534 West 29th Street 14CVCP199M
300 Lafayette Street 14CVCP201M
310 West 40th Street 14CVCP203M
435 East 30th Street 14CVCP211M
612-618 West 47th Street 14CVCP219M
445 West 35th Street 14CVCP220M
445 Washington Street 14CVCP223M
444 10th Avenue 14CVCP235M
326-330 West 37th Street 14CVCP238M
526-530 West 28th Street 14CVCP241M
239 10th Avenue 14CVCP243M
346-354 West 40th Street 14CVCP247M
521 West 145th Street 14CVCP255M
7 West 21st Street 14CVCP257M
42 Lispenard 14CVCP259M
219 Hudson Street 15CVCP010M
509 West 38th Street 15CVCP009M
42 Crosby Street 15CVCP011M
11 Hubert Street 15CVCP023M
325 East 25th Street (Phipps Plaza South) 15CVCP032M
337 West 36th Street 15CVCP037M
2139 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard 15CVCP051M
540 West 53rd Street 15CVCP053M
11 Greene Street 15CVCP059M
550 West 29th Street 15CVCP060M
606 West 57th Street 15CVCP026M
462-470 11th Avenue 15CVCP063M
320-328 West 36th Street 15CVCP076M
241 West 28th Street 15CVCP080M
639 11th Avenue 15CVCP093M

572 & 568-570 Broome Street

511 West 36th Street 15CVCP099M
688 Broadway 15CVCP104M
371 9th Avenue 15CVCP105M
514 West 24th Street 15CVCP106M
487 West 129th Street 15CVCP110M
211 West 28th Street 15CVCP111M
Riverside Parcel 1 15CVCP112M
215-219 West 28th Street 15CVCP116M
69 East 125th Street 15CVCP122M
153-157 Sherman Avenue 15CVCP127M
401 East 120th Street 15CVCP130M
426-458 West 126th Street 15CVCP131M
288 St. Nicholas Avenue 15CVCP143M
146 East 126th Street 15CVCP149M
334-338 West 36th Street 15CVCP153M
160 Leroy Street 15CVCP154M
Collegiate School New Building 15CVCP156M
338 West 39th Street 16CVCP001M
440 Washington Street 16CVCP003M
Riverside Parcels 3&4 16CVCP012M
  • 2015-09-18.RIR
  • 2015-0918.RAWP_Draft
  • 2015-10-22.Factsheet-1
  • 2015-10-22.Translated_Factsheet-1
  • 2015-10-22.Translated_CPS
  • 112 West 25th Street and 113 West 24th Street 16CVCP019M
    111 Leroy Street 16CVCP027M
    627 Greenwich Street 16CVCP032M
    One Vanderbilt 16CVCP053M
    150 Wooster Street 16CVCP060M
  • 2016-02-01.RIR
  • 2016-01-19.RAWP_Draft
  • 2016-01-19.Factsheet-1
  • 2016-01-19.Translated_Factsheet-1
  • 2016-01-19.Translated_CPS
  • 284 West 127th Street 16CVCP086M
    211 West 29th Street 17CVCP001M
    350 West 39th Street 17CVCP010M
    Panoramic Hudson Yards 17CVCP025M
    114 West 125th Street 17CVCP023M
    85-89 Jane Street 17CVCP036M
    450 11th Avenue 17CVCP037M
    181 Mercer Street 17CVCP040M
    50 Hudson Yards 17CVCP045M
    3896 10th Avenue 17CVCP046M
    500 West 25th Street 17CVCP047M
    92-100 Vandam Street 17CVCP058M
    221-227 West 28th Street 17CVCP079M
    103-107 and 142-159 West 108th Street 18CVCP017M
    247-249 East 117th Street 18CVCP022M
    68-70 Spring Street 18CVCP029M
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