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E-Designation Submissions
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How to apply for Notice Of No Objection (NNO)

Digital Submission of Documents
In order to expedite document reviews, OER requests that applicants electronically format all submittals related to an E-Designation or RD project on a CD. Submittals should include all identifying project information, including a project submittal cover sheet (in PDF) with the OER Project Number, DEP Project Number (for projects previously administered by DEP only), E-Designation number (E-XXX) name, address, Tax Block and Lot Numbers, Community District, and a primary contact for the applicant, consultant, engineer, architect, etc.

Project Submittal Cover Sheet
Project submittal cover sheets must be submitted in both PDF and as hard copy with stamp and signature.

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

Formatting of Digital Documents Submitted to OER
Your attention to these document format guidelines will expedite your review. Documents will be stored by OER in a digital archive.
  • Separate Files
    Each document must be submitted as a separate digital file (preferably PDF) on a CD.
    Example: A Phase II Work Plan (Phase II) should be accompanied by a separate document containing the site-specific Health and Safety Plan.
  • Appendices
    If documents are being submitted with appendices containing other documentation previously created for the project, please create a place-holder page for the respective Appendix and submit the earlier documentation as a separate document(s).
    - Example: A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) contains a prior Phase II Work Plan within the appendix. The RAP should be submitted with an appendix page labeled ‘Appendix B. Phase II Work Plan August 12, 2010,’ and the Phase II Work Plan should be included as a separate (PDF) file.
  • File Naming
    All document files must be named according to the naming convention established below, which identifies the date of report, site address/project number, report/article type, and document author. This formatting applies to both E-designation and RD sites for Hazardous Materials, Air Quality, and Window/Wall Noise Attenuation submissions.
    - New project example: 2010-08-24.123 New York Street.Report.Phase I_ConsultantName
    - Existing project example: 2010-08-24.10EHAZ000M.Plan.Phase II_ConsultantName
Certification of Documents Submitted to OER
For project elements requiring certification (stamp and signature) by a New York State Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA), applicants must do the following:
  1. Include scans of stamped and signed elements, and
  2. Include a hard copy of the cover sheet with the original stamp and signature, for the respective stamps and signatures in the digital submission.
OER requires the original stamp and signature for all certified elements.

E-Designation and/or RD projects previously reviewed by NYCDEP
To facilitate review of existing projects previously reviewed by NYCDEP (only those with a DEP Project #) please re-submit to OER, following our digital submission guidelines, all project documentation previously submitted to NYCDEP.

This project documentation includes electronic copies of certified project description, site plans, Lead Agency CEQR determination requirements for window/wall attenuation level(s), testing, stack setback, fuel restriction, etc. and specifications for the proposed development action, as well as Phase I, Phase II Workplan/HASP, RAP/CHASP, Noise Studies, P.E./R.A. certified Remedial Closure or Installation Reports, DEP comment/approval letters, Notices, etc.

Review Time
OER reserves 30 days for review of all submissions.

Where to Send Submissions
All E-Designation and RD related mailings should be sent to the following address:

New York City Office of Environmental Remediation
E-Designation Program
c/o Maurizio Bertini, Assistant Director
100 Gold Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY  10038

  • All E-Designation and RD related mailings will not be accepted at other addresses.
  • A record of delivery can be obtained via courier service. OER does not provide independent receipt of submittal confirmation.

All individuals making hand deliveries should go to 1 Centre Street (Mail Room), New York, NY 10007 and pass through a security check prior to delivering documents. There may be wait times at the security check.

Your attention to all of these guidelines will greatly expedite your project review.

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