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Planning & Response: Drills & Exercises

With the help of local, state, and federal partners, OEM conducts citywide preparedness exercises. These drills test plans, reinforce response and management techniques, identify areas for improvement, and promote better interagency coordination. In addition, OEM's Training unit develops classroom and online courses and other resources for OEM employees and local partners to improve the City's capability to effectively respond to emergencies.

March 2014 Urban Search and Rescue

Latest: March 2014 - Urban Search and Rescue Exercise
In March 2014, members of NYC's Urban Search and Rescue team participated the Tacit Shield exercise at a state-of-the-art facility in Perry, Georgia, to test all elements of their response capabilities.
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Archive of Training, Drills, & Exercises

Training, Drills & Exercises Archive

Check out OEM's past training, drills, and exercises.
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