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CIMS: Primary Agency Matrix

The Primary Agency Matrix identifies which agencies have incident management responsibilities or provide specific subject matter expertise at different types of emergencies. Primary agencies are responsible for implementing a CIMS incident command organization at all emergency responses in NYC.

CIMS uses two command models for managing incidents: Single Command and Unified Command. In a Single Command structure, an Incident Commander from a single agency is responsible for establishing incident management objectives and strategies, and ensuring activities are carried out toward accomplishment of the strategy. In a Unified Command structure, Incident Commanders from more than one agency jointly determine objectives, strategies, plans, and priorities and work together to execute integrated tactical operations and maximize the use of assigned resources.

Unified Command Incidents

Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN)/HazMat Incident *NYPD, FDNY USCG, DEP, DOHMH
Citywide Public Health EmergencyDOHMH, NYPD, FDNYHHC, GNYHA
Natural Disaster/Weather EmergencyOEM, NYPD, FDNY, DOT, DSNYDDC, DEP, DOB, DOHMH, Con Ed, Keyspan/LIPA
Rail IncidentFDNY, NYPDMTA, PANYNJ, NJT, Amtrak
Utility Incident: ElectricNYPD, FDNYCon Ed, National Grid/LIPA
Utility Incident: GasNYPD, FDNYCon Ed, National Grid/LIPA
Utility Incident: SteamNYPD, FDNYCon Ed
Utility Incident: Water/WastewaterDEP, FDNY, NYPDCon Ed, National Grid/LIPA
Utility Incident: TelecommunicationsDOITT, NYPD, FDNYVerizon

* CBRN/HazMat Incident - NYPD will be the Primary Agency (Incident Commander) at CBRN/MazMat incidents. If NYPD determines there is no actual or suspected criminal activity or terrorism, a Unified Command will be implemented (See Figure 1).

Figure 1 - CBRN/Haz-Mat Incident

Actual or Suspected Crime or Terrorism
(NYPD to Determine)
No Actual or Suspected Crime or Terrorism
(NYPD to Determine) 
NYPD Single Command
Unified Operations Section
Unified Command
Unified Operations Section





The General Incident Command System (ICS) Section will be a Unified Operations Section based on agency Core Competencies in all circumstances, with NYPD responsible for overall site management, and assessment and investigations for criminal activity or terrorism, and with FDNY responsible for Life Safety Operations and mass decontamination. For chemical incidents, DEP will make a final assessment of the hazard, adjust or set "hot," "warm" and "cold" zones, and direct all mitigation efforts. For biological or radiological incidents, DOHMH will make a final assessment of the hazard, adjust or set "hot," "warm" and "cold" zones, and direct all mitigation efforts.

* * Designation of Potential Primary Agencies/Subject Matter Experts in this matrix does not exclude other agencies from being designated Primary Agencies depending on the jurisdictional issues of a specific incident.

Single Command Incidents

Auto ExtricationNYPD/FDNY (First to arrive)
Boat in DistressNYPD/FDNY (First to arrive)
Citywide Cyber IncidentNYPD and/or DOITT
Civil DisturbanceNYPD
Confined Space RescueFDNY
Correctional Facility DisturbanceDOC
Downed TreeDPR/FDNY
Elevator Incident or EmergencyFDNY
Emotionally Disturbed PersonNYPD
Explosive Device, Bomb ThreatNYPD
Hostage IncidentNYPD
Sniper IncidentNYPD
Special EventNYPD
Structural CollapseFDNY
Suspicious PackageNYPD
Water/Ice RescueNYPD

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