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Archive of Training, Drills, & Exercises: 2012

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October 2012: Maritime Emergency Exercise

On October 17, 2012, OEM hosted a maritime emergency exercise in Lower Manhattan. More than 37 government agencies and private organizations attended the workshop. This workshop focused on the implementation of maritime evacuation plans; coordination between jurisdictions and private ferry companies; how information is shared during an event that increases the need for maritime transportation.

  • Discuss the implementation of a controlled maritime evacuation using the Trans Hudson Plan, the Maritime Emergency Transportation Plan and the US Coast Guard Concept of Operations for Maritime Evacuation
  • Discuss the coordination of decisions between various jurisdictional bodies, agencies and organizations in the event of a maritime evacuation
  • Evaluate how jurisdictions, agencies and organizations coordinate information and maintain situational awareness during a maritime evacuation

Drills & Exercises: Eyeing the Storm 2012
June 2012: Eyeing the Storm

On June 27, 2012, OEM hosted Eyeing the Storm 2012, a pre-season coastal storm planning workshop aimed at increasing citywide preparedness for a hurricane. The objective was to increase preparedness for a coastal storm with a focus on:

  • Agency support to a citywide sheltering operation.
  • Progress on Hurricane Irene AAR implementation.

More than 15 government agencies and private organizations attended the workshop.

Disaster Simulator
OEM's Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (Disaster Simulator) is a virtual reality system that simulates emergencies and their surrounding environments. The Disaster Simulator allows staff to practice managing large-scale emergencies, like an incident at a major airport, without incurring costs or imposing disruptions. It has five stations for the incident commander and four section chiefs, as set forth by CIMS structure. Training sessions allow players to talk to each other using CIMS while they respond to mock disasters.

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