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OEM Vehicles

OEM uses four special vehicles to respond to incidents in New York City.

Mobile CIMS Center
In 2009 OEM unveiled the Mobile CIMS Center (MCC) in response to the growing needs of the City's field operations. The MCC serves as a mobile field office for City agencies and other emergency officials/personnel responding to a large disaster.

The interior of the trailer is 26 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. Both sides of the trailer expand an additional five feet, allowing for a maximum width of 18.5 feet. When fully expanded, the MCC can accommodate a meeting of 40 people, or provide 20 work stations equipped with phones, computers, and internet service.

Mobile Data Center
In 2003 the City debuted its Mobile Data Center (MDC) — a custom-built bus designed to accommodate day-to-day geographic information systems (GIS) and data collection operations.

The MDC provides a room for interagency meetings and response efforts, on-scene mapping capabilities, and all the communication tools of an office in a mobile setting.

The vehicle has proven to be a valuable asset during emergencies and planned events including: the steam pipe explosion in midtown Manhattan in July 2007, and the Pope's visit to in April 2008.

The Interagency Command Center
OEM’s Interagency Command Center vehicle (ICC-1) came to the agency in 1997. The vehicle is divided into three interior sections: forward operations area, the central galley storage area, and the rear meeting area.

The forward operations area includes three operator positions, radio communications equipment capable of monitoring and/or conversing with almost any agency in the city, a telephone system with, a Nextel base station, personal computers and a combination printer, color copier, scanner and facsimile machine. The ICC also has a surveillance camera extending from the roof.

The central section of the command center is used for extended activations and has a small refrigerator, a microwave and a water cooler to sustain personnel.

The rear meeting area is used primarily for interagency briefings. It is equipped with bench seating, removable tables, telephones, a PC connected to a large screen plasma TV, and communications equipment covering all frequencies.

The ICC provides OEM with an on-scene emergency command center to coordinate the deployment of resources between multiple agencies in the City of New York. When in use, the ICC is staffed around the clock by OEM Watch Commanders. Utilizing the equipment on board, they will act as a forward command post, establishing and maintaining communications between the scene and the Watch Command at OEM headquarters.

Interagency Communications Vehicle
OEM's Interagency Communications Vehicle (ICV) is a 2006 Dodge Sprinter van with a turbo diesel engine. The ICV supports on-scene communications for response personnel.

The ICV is equipped with a suite of communications equipment that includes VHF, UHF, 800 megahertz radios as well as Nextel and cellular phones, a radio scanner, and a TRP-1000 Interoperability unit, which allows radio networks of different frequencies to communicate with each other.

In addition to the ICV's extensive communications capabilities, it also serves as a response support vehicle. In the vehicle there are flashlights, flares, light sticks, scene lights, a tool kit, a 12-foot collapsible ladder, helmets, hearing protection, eyewash, drinking water, and batteries. A trauma bag, oxygen, and two fire extinguishers are onboard if the ICV operator comes upon an emergency.

The ICV is a quick communications and scene-support vehicle. It can take almost any route to an incident without height concerns or weight restrictions. The Sprinter gathers critical information and relays it to the ICC and the MDC.

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