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News & Events: Videos

Click on the video thumbnails to learn more about emergency preparedness. The videos also can be viewed on the agency's YouTube page.

WANY: The Storm

It Takes A City

That's So New York:
My Emergency Plan

Advanced Disaster Management Simulator

Ready New York Video with St. John's University

That's So New York:
Winter Tips for Seniors

Emergency Experts

Ready, Set, Prepare

I'm Ready New York,
Are You?

Mr. Met: Go Bag

Mr. Met: Meeting Place

Mr. Met: Out-Of-State Contact

Richard Belzer is Ready New York, Are You?

Ice-T is Ready New York, Are You?

Notify NYC Public Service Announcement

That's So New York: CERT

That's So New York:
Ready Schools

That's So New York: Seniors

Are You Ready?

Do You Know?

Ready New York Video
30-Second Trailer

Ready New York Video
60-Second Trailer

Ready New York:
In An Emergency

Ready New York:
Disaster Plan

Ready New York:
Special Needs

Ready New York: Pets

Ready New York:
Stay Informed

Ready New York:
Escape Routes

Ready New York:
Meeting Points

Ready New York: Go Bag

Ready New York:
Know Where to Go

Ready New York:
Shelter in Place

Ready New York: Emergency Supply Kit

Ready New York: Overview

Ready New York Video

Ready New York Video with Chinese subtitles

Ready New York Video with Russian subtitles

Ready New York Video with Spanish subtitles