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Request an Event for Your Organization

OEM can send knowledgeable staff members and NYC CERT volunteers to educate your community about preparing for emergencies. Use this form to request an event in your workplace, school, community center, or house of worship. The Ready New York program offers several event types (listed below). In order to accommodate your needs, OEM requires you to submit your request at least four weeks before the date of your event. You will be contacted within ten (10) business days after receipt of your request to confirm the details of your event.

  • General Ready New York Presentation: Provides information about the types of emergencies that New Yorkers may face, and guides attendees through the steps of how they can prepare.
  • Youth Programming: Presentations tailored to a variety of age groups, including pre-kindergarten, elementary school, teen, and college students. Presentations range in time, and can be held as small classroom workshops or as an assembly.
  • Seniors and Special Needs: Presentations that highlight important considerations for seniors and individuals with special needs.
  • English Language Learners/Immigrant Groups: Presentations that address specific concerns and questions of immigrant groups and/or are specifically tailored to English Language Learners.
  • Hurricane Preparedness: Provide information about preparing for hurricanes and coastal storms. These presentations generally are conducted before and during hurricane season (i.e., June through November).
  • Business: Provides a business continuity overview for both small and large businesses. Note: for a presentation to your staff about personal preparedness, please request a general Ready New York presentation.
  • Community Fair: Staff and volunteers set up an information table, hand out Ready New York materials, and speak to attendees about being prepared for emergencies.

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