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Get Prepared. Get Involved.

The NYC Citizen Corps Council is part of the national Citizen Corps initiative to bring together local leaders from community organizations, government, the private sector, and volunteer programs. The Council promotes grassroots emergency preparedness and volunteerism and helps enable New Yorkers to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

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The NYC Citizen Corps Council offers several communication tools designed to help all New Yorkers, nonprofits and community organzations, and its partners get prepared, involved, and connected.
NYC Citizen Corps Council News & Alerts

2014 NYC Citizen Corps Special Needs Symposium Report
New York City Citizen Corps' 2014 Special Needs Symposium focused on how service providers can leverage partnerships, both within their agencies and communities to better meet the needs of their clients during an emergency. Panelists were invited to present at the symposium based on their experiences with implementing creative and innovative strategies that capitalized on partnerships and community networks in order to better serve their clients and constituents.
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We Are New York: The Storm
In partnership with City University of New York and the NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, the NYC Citizen Corps Council has produced a 25-minute episode as part of the "We Are New York" series geared towards English-language learners (ELL). The episode, called "The Storm," focuses on emergency preparedness and access to city resources during emergencies. The episode is also accompanied by various learning materials for beginner and intermediate English-language learners.
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