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For Businesses: Planning Tools

Step 4: Protect Your Investment
In addition to protecting your employees, it is important to safeguard your company's physical assets. Keep a maintenance schedule, as well as a manufacturer and service contact for each piece of equipment. Raise sensitive equipment and inventory four to six inches off the ground to prevent damage from minor flooding. Establish a routine for backing up and protecting computer data from viruses and external threats.

Insurance is a non-negotiable cost of doing business. Inadequate coverage can lead to major financial loss if your business is damaged, destroyed, or interrupted for an extended period of time. Insurance policies vary so check with your agent or provider about physical losses, flood coverage, and business interruption.

Prepare for utility disruptions. Businesses depend on electricity, gas, telecommunications, sewers, and other utilities. Plan ahead for extended disruptions of these services during and after a disaster.

Fire is the most common of all business disasters. Each year fires claim lives and cause thousands of dollars in damage across the city. Make fire safety part of the plan.

While you cannot always predict what will happen, take precaution by securing facilities, buildings, and equipment, assess building air protection, and improve cyber security.

Learn about various types of insurance from the Insurance Information Institute
Visit the New York State Department of Financial Services
Register assets with New York City to maximize response resources during an emergency
Subscribe to the Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Alert System to learn how to better protect yourself in cyberspace

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