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Partners in Preparedness

partners in preparedness

Partners in Preparedness: Suggested Actions

Once you’ve completed the three required activities, complete two activities of your choice to become an official partner. Check out some ideas for additional activities below, or get creative and come up with your own.

Suggested Actions:
  • Host a preparedness display, including a sample Go BagReady New York guides, and NYC Citizen Corps Council volunteer guide.
  • Schedule a Ready New York presentation.
  • Schedule/conduct a fire drill.
  • Distribute Ready New York guides and Emergency Reference Cards to your staff.
  • Schedule a work-from-home day or other method to test your business continuity practices.
  • Mentor a smaller business or organization, or be mentored.
  • Schedule a blood drive or CPR training for your organization. 
  • Encourage your employees to sign up for OEM's Tip of the Week or distribute Tip of the Week e-mails through your organization's intranet or newsletter.
  • Choose a meeting place outside of your office for all of our employees to gather in the event of an emergency. Encourage employees to choose a meeting place for their families as well. Use our Ready New York: My Meeting Place app to help!
  • Create and implement your own preparedness activity. OEM will recognize the most creative initiatives.

When your organization has completed all five actions, submit your organization's actions to receive your seal and to be highlighted on our website.