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Partners in Preparedness

partners in preparedness

December 2013: Con Edison
Power is a resource that we often take for granted, but during an emergency, it is a critical commodity whose absence (or sometimes even its presence) can have a significant impact on the situation. Con Edison of New York provides electric service to approximately 3.3 million customers, gas service to approximately 1.1 million customers in New York City and Westchester County, and steam service to approximately 1,800 customers below 96th Street in Manhattan.

For many years, Con Edison has been a key operational partner of the New York City Office of Emergency Management. Over the past few years, as a Partner in Preparedness, Con Edison has worked with OEM to promote preparedness among its own employees and within the community. In June 2013, Commissioner Bruno was the keynote speaker at Con Edison’s Advocacy Now Conference, and on September 17, 2013, as participation in National Preparedness Month, Con Edison's emergency management department hosted an in-house seminar for their staff. Representatives from OEM and the American Red Cross in Greater New York, as well as an insurance expert, were invited to address more than 200 Con Edison employees about the importance of personal preparedness. The attendees, who play critical roles in supporting such a vital resource in the city, gained a greater appreciation for the importance of ensuring they and their families are ready for emergencies.

November 2013: Central Park Conservancy
The Central Park Conservancy has been committed to the NYC Office of Emergency Management's Partners in Preparedness since the program's inception in 2011. With 40 million visitors each year to its 843 acres, Central Park is the most frequently visited urban park in the United States. As a public-private partnership, the Conservancy aims to further its mission of restoring, managing, and enhancing the park by prioritizing safety through emergency preparedness.

The Conservancy has benefited from many of the suggested actions of the Partners in Preparedness program, including building an emergency contact plan, organizing Ready New York presentations, sending preparedness messages to staff, and encouraging them to register for Notify NYC. During Hurricane Sandy, the organization took extensive precautions, and afterwards, followed a plan for safely and efficiently returning operations to Central Park.

In all, Partners in Preparedness contributes to the Conservancy's aspiration to build a great organization that sets the standard for and spreads the principles of world-class park management to improve the quality of open space for the enjoyment of all.

October 2013: The New York Stock Exchange
As a leading global operator of exchanges that are at the center of the world's financial markets, NYSE Euronext recognizes that being an active and dedicated Partner in Preparedness is of critical importance.

To ensure the safety of its employees and community, and to minimize the potential disruption to the capital markets that power financial infrastructure, NYSE Euronext's Crisis Management team routinely conducts drills to ensure they are prepared and ready to face any type of emergency situation. The company also tests its Emergency Notification System several times a year, and routinely educates employees and member community on appropriate actions to take during emergency situations. What's more, NYSE Euronext also has open lines of communication that enable the company to freely communicate with employees, clients, regulators, and stakeholders during times of crisis. NYSE Euronext also participates in the Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) program, which allows access to its buildings in the event of an ongoing investigation or event.

Overall, NYSE Euronext's preparedness training and initiatives have proven to be invaluable in helping its company and community safely and successfully react to two major hurricanes and an earthquake in the New York City area, a tsunami and earthquake in Tokyo, as well as many other weather-related emergencies. NYSE Euronext regularly reviews its actions during times of crisis, and works to improve its abilities in order to be better prepared for future situations.

September 2013: 2013 Partners in Preparedness Award Recipients
Every two years, OEM bestows its Partner in Preparedness Award to organizations that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the core mission of preparedness and resiliency. During the month of September — National Preparedness Month — OEM's Partners in Preparedness program is highlighting the award recipients, which represent three key categories: the private sector, the nonprofit sector, and the public sector. This year, the winners were the New York Stock Exchange, The Salvation Army, and the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development.

August 2013: Queens CB 14 CERT
Trained to assist their communities and first responders, New York City’s Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) support New York City neighborhoods through emergency education and response. CERT currently consists of 54 teams and 1,500 members, including the Queens CB 14 (Rockaways) CERT, a longstanding partner of OEM and Partners in Preparedness.

The Queens CB 14 CERT is comprised of members representing the entire Rockaway Peninsula. The team had done countless Ready New York presentations, and has responded to both planned events and emergencies. For instance, its members worked before, during, and after such events as Hurricanes Irene and Sandy to assist their neighbors. Specifically, members of the Queens CB 14 CERT provided support to their community and first responders during Sandy through the following efforts:
  • Assisting emergency responders by helping pump gas during the gas shortage;
  • Going on wellness checks for residents with no heat or gas in their homes;
  • Providing food, water, and blankets to homebound and elderly neighbors living in high-rise buildings;
  • Assisting City food and water distribution; and
  • Assisting with information dissemination and clearing up rumors related to services in their communities.
Queens CB 14 CERT has demonstrated its commitment to preparedness through various initiatives, and continues to aid its neighbors.

July 2013: AIG
AIG is an active and dedicated member of OEM’s Partners in Preparedness program, and recognizes the necessity of preparedness in the business world.

AIG is fully committed to serving its customers and stakeholders in the case of an unexpected event, as well as protecting the safety of AIG employees. AIG has shown its dedication to emergency preparedness by incorporating several emergency preparedness exercises and drills into its emergency preparedness plans. One recent example was the Denial of Access drill, which was performed by AIG's Global Finance department in June 2013, where the department alerted employees that they would not be able to get into their offices. To make the drill more realistic, Global Finance simulated a power loss to all of lower Manhattan. Employees, whose offices were located in the downtown area, had to follow their Business Continuity Plans with no prior notice. These employees worked from home, a disaster recovery site, or an unaffected AIG location during the exercise. The exercise was conducted over two business days and involved 1,451 employees. Although this was not the first Denial of Access drill that AIG has successfully completed, AIG has taken steps to prepare its employees all around the world for potential emergencies.

AIG continues to work with OEM through the Partners in Preparedness program to incorporate preparedness initiatives into its regular practices.

June 2013: L'Oréal USA
L'Oréal USA has taken an active and committed role in the safety of its employees. As the first beauty company to join OEM's Partners in Preparedness, L'Oréal USA emphasizes emergency preparedness at its New York City campus in a number of ways: a robust schedule of drills — including fire and emergency preparedness, with an emphasis on a strong employee volunteer fire warden teams trained in assuming a leadership role during emergencies — along with AED/CPR certification training, and routine blood drives.

To further underscore its commitment to preparedness, L'Oréal USA has debuted a program celebrating National Safety Month in June. This campaign will allow L'Oréal USA to raise awareness about health and safety issues in the workplace, and reinforce the groundwork for the continued success of the company's most valued asset — its employees. Each week, this branded campaign focuses on key topics with special events and educational opportunities to reinforce L'Oréal USA’s safety themes. The topics are:
  • "Eyes Wide Open" — Preventing accidents before they happen
  • Employee Wellness — Finding work/ life balance
  • "Ready to Handle It" — Emergency preparedness at work and at home
  • Ergonomics — "Hey, that feels better!"
L'Oréal USA employees are passionate about their work, and L'Oréal USA is passionate about providing them a safe and health-filled environment where they can be comfortable and creative.

May 2013: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Founded in 1949, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research and providing education and patient services. LLS is concerned about the safety and well-being of its employees, patients, and participants. Its New York City chapter, located in the Financial District of lower Manhattan, has been an active member of Partners in Preparedness, and has successfully incorporated preparedness initiatives into its regular communications and practices.

The organization has a robust emergency plan and extensive communication network, which includes a phone tree, an emergency meeting place, an updated emergency contact list, and communications via email, phone and text messaging. In addition, LLS employees are kept informed about emergencies through communications via Notify NYC and regular monthly safety tips from OEM. Thanks to this robust communication network, employees were kept informed of important developments during Superstorm Sandy — specifically, knowing that they needed to work remotely because their office was shut down.

LLS knows that the key to successful emergency preparedness starts with good and frequent communications, and has benefitted greatly from the assistance of the Partners in Preparedness program.

April 2013: Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer (MLS) is an engaged and active Partner in Preparedness. Located in midtown Manhattan, MLS was impacted by Hurricane Sandy this past fall. Since that time, MLS has worked with the Partners in Preparedness program to transform lessons learned into effective preparedness policies.

MLS's primary focus has been improving communications. Recognizing the importance of messaging during an emergency, MLS has implemented the Send Word Now emergency communication system. Employee contact information is also checked regularly to ensure that it is accurate and up to date.

MLS is also educating employees about small steps that they can take to protect themselves and the business. An example of this is encouraging all employees to take laptops home with them when they leave the office. This small step protects the equipment and allows employees to work from home during an emergency — a win-win for employee safety and business continuity.

Through its community outreach initiative MLS WORKS, MLS has also done a great deal of outreach and volunteer work to support communities recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Going forward, MLS and OEM plan to work together to promote preparedness both within the workplace and throughout the community.

March 2013: NYC Department of Youth & Community Development
The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) — which was created in 1996 to provide the City of New York with high-quality youth and family programming — has worked extensively with OEM since 2007 to ensure that emergency preparedness is a priority at its agency. In 2012, OEM recognized DYCD as a Partner in Preparedness, one of three City agencies that received such an acknowledgment.

DYCD has increasingly focused on integrating emergency preparedness planning into the programmatic operations of the community-based organizations (CBOs) with which it contracts. This year, DYCD sought to accomplish this goal by having OEM emergency preparedness experts conduct Ready New York training for all DYCD employees. This training now is being offered to program managers of all DYCD-funded CBOs.

Over the next few months, OEM will expand the training by bringing the sessions directly to the communities where DYCD providers are located. DYCD is proud to work with OEM in this effort to bring emergency planning to as many of the city's neighborhoods as possible.

February 2013: Cravath, Swaine, & Moore LLP
Cravath, Swaine, & Moore LLP has been a dedicated Partner in Preparedness since 2011. Cravath has successfully incorporated the various preparedness initiatives required of Partners, into the Firm's regular schedule. One example on how Cravath encourages emergency preparedness both at work and at home is by posting, on the Firm's intranet, the Ready New York videos, pamphlets, and the OEM Tip of the Week.

The Firm's business continuity program includes initiatives for planning and preparedness, and incident response. The Firm uses events like Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo to review its response and recovery procedures. Similarly, National Preparedness Month is used as spring board for the annual initiative of updating and revising the departmental specific business continuity plans.

Cravath recognizes the importance of not only preparing for disasters, but also for encouraging employees to think about and discuss emergency preparedness with their family, friends, and co-workers.

January 2013: SelectCare
Planning, training and practicing emergency plans increases caregivers' confidence and client cooperation when they are faced with unexpected challenges.

SelectCare, a licensed home care service, practices emergency plans several times each year so that supervisors, clients and field staff are calm and able to respond efficiently and quickly when a disaster occurs. New Field Staff members are given OEM Ready New York work books and are encouraged to complete their personal plans. All field staff members attend annual emergency preparedness inservices and informational updates are sent to clients and staff throughout the year. RN Supervisors visit home bound clients monthly and part of the visit is dedicated to assisting clients in developing and reviewing their individual emergency plans. Client centered plans include updating emergency contacts, discussing evacuation plans and reviewing their emergency items as it relates to weather or service interruptions.

In 2012 SelectCare chose "Safety First" as its slogan for emergency preparedness planning. Safety First included updating emergency communication and reporting protocols and everyone including clients, families, field staff and supervisors remained linked together during Hurricane Sandy and in the long days afterwards.

Owners, Carla Holub and Pat Tarantino, attribute SelectCare's level of preparedness to New York City's Office of Emergency Management support through conferences, educational materials and timely information sent by the Advance Warning System.

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