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For Businesses: Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS)

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In a global business center like New York City, it is critical that both government and business be well prepared to quickly respond to and recover from an emergency. OEM and BNet, in cooperation with New York City's public safety agencies, introduced the Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) in 2004 as part of the City's economic development plan.

CEAS authorizes essential employees to access restricted areas following an emergency. CEAS-credentialed employees can work to shut down or sustain core business functions until normal entry is restored.

CEAS is the only program recognized by the NYPD and OEM that allows emergency access to businesses. The next time there is a major business disruption to your work location, CEAS may help you limit financial loss, retain customers, and get you back in business faster. CEAS may enable you to:

  • Gain emergency access to your business when access is restricted
  • Rescue vaulted assets, such as cash, checks, receipts, and certificates
  • Retrieve vital records, such as contracts, invoices, customer records, insurance documents, tax records, and licenses
  • Shut down technology systems
  • Retrieve critical equipment, such as laptops and servers
Businesses interested in becoming part of CEAS can enroll in the program here.

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