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In a global business capital like New York City, it is important that businesses prepare for emergencies. Loss of business due to a local disaster affects economies well beyond the five boroughs.

While many large companies have in-house emergency planners and business continuity professionals, many of the 200,000 small business owners in New York City cannot afford a disaster planning staff. Nevertheless, OEM's Public/Private Initiatives Unit offers several programs to help businesses of all sizes prepare for and recover from emergencies.

In addition to managing these programs, OEM's Public/Private Initiatives Unit coordinates the exchange of information between the City and the private sector and works to include the private sector in the City's emergency plans. Contact the unit here.


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Building Partnerships. Enhancing Resiliency.

Building Partnerships. Enhancing Resiliency.
Find out more about programs that assist the private sector.
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Partners in Preparedness brochure

Partners in Preparedness Brochure
Check out the new Partners in Preparedness brochure.
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Ready New York for Business
Ready New York for Business contains practical and actionable advice to help businesses protect their employees and enhance a company's ability to recover from financial loss resulting from business interruption or damage to facilities and inventory.
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Locate Emergency Resources
New York City provides a number of emergency support services for residents. These services are spread throughout the five boroughs.
Locate the emergency services closest to your home or business

Relief & Recovery: For Businesses & Community Organizations
For relief and recovery resources for businesses and community organizations, please visit the Relief & Recovery: For Businesses & Community Organizations page.

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