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For Businesses: Private Asset and Logistics Management System (PALMS)

If my company participates in PALMS, is it obligated to provide assets on request?
No. PALMS participants are under no obligation to provide assets listed in the PALMS database. While the City hopes assets are available when needed, we understand circumstances may prevent PALMS partners from providing a resource.

How often does my company need to update its information?
OEM requests that you update your list of assets in PALMS annually at a minimum. PALMS will prompt you to update your contact information (name of coordinator, 24-hour phone number(s), etc.) at regular intervals.

What if I have something to donate that is not on the list?
The list of most-needed assets was carefully developed by a knowledgeable team of emergency managers and based on previous experience responding to emergency incidents in New York. For this reason, OEM is primarily seeking these assets; however, if you have other items that your organization would like to contribute, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

My business is already affiliated with a volunteer agency to help serve the City following a disaster. How would my participation in PALMS serve the City differently?
PALMS pre-identifies volunteers with specific skill sets to perform specialized tasks, while volunteer agencies, such as New York Cares, help the City coordinate general volunteer efforts in the wake of a disaster.