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NYC Mayor's Office of Environmental Coordination

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Green Building


On October 3, 2005 New York City adopted Local Law 86 of 2005 (LL86), one of the nation's first green building laws. LL86 requires new buildings, additions, and substantial building reconstruction work in capital projects that receive city funds to be built in accordance with the rigorous standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) green building rating systems developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). It also requires that most of this work, as well as larger lighting, boiler, HVAC controls, and plumbing upgrade work, be designed to reduce the use of both energy and potable water well beyond that required by the current NYC building code.

Developed by the Mayor's office in conjunction with the New York City Council, LL86 officially took effect on January 1, 2007. As of June 30, 2010 and as documented in the Local Law 86 Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report, agencies reported that 174 building projects with project costs over $6 billion had started design and would satisfy one or more LL86 requirements. Over 7 million square feet of building floor area in these projects are required to meet or exceed LEED® green building standards.

On November 20, 2006, the Mayor issued Executive Order 97, which authorized the Office to exercise the powers and duties of the Mayor in conjunction with the implementation of LL86.  Subsequently, on June 27, 2011, the Mayor issued Executive Order 149, which added to the Director's responsibilities the duties to periodically evaluate the stringency of  the law's minimum requirements and, if warranted by developments affecting the green building industry, to change them as well as to expand the category of projects subject to the law's goals and polices. Accordingly, the Office is evaluating these requirements and their applicability while continuing to develop a number of resources related to the law's ongoing implementation. These resources may be found on the pages described below.

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Green Building News   
Find recent developments and changes concerning LL86, such as amendments to the LL86 rules and the release of annual reports.

Local Law 86 Basics
See an overview of the City's Green Building construction law as well as links to a series of Frequently Asked Questions and a Glossary of terms.

Green Building Laws and Regulations
Here are the documents that form the basis for the implementation of LL86, including the text of the law, the rules and subsequent amendment(s), as well as the Executive Order assigning responsibility to MOEC.

LL86 Annual Reporting
Learn about the procedures that city agencies must follow, at the end of each fiscal year, to report on each of their projects that are subject to the provisions of LL86.

Green Building Procedures
Learn about the procedures for requesting green power credits on LEED® projects, applying for an exemption, registering LEED® projects with the USGBC, determining the methodology to use for energy cost savings calculations, dealing with multiphase projects, and accounting for inflation when determining if LL86 provisions apply to a given project.

Green Schools
Here are documents related to the guide for building green schools that was developed by the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) and approved by the Office in 2007 as an alternative to the version 2 LEED® for New Construction rating system.

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Reports & Manuals
Green Building Links
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