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NYC Mayor's Office of Environmental Coordination

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Mayor's Office Environmental Review

Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market

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The Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market is a proposed redevelopment of a portion of the current Bronx Terminal Market site along with the Bronx House of Detention with a series of retail establishments a multi level parking garage and at grade parking a hotel and a public park and waterfront esplanade (the Proposed Project).  The Proposed Project would be located in the West Haven neighborhood of the Bronx on Block 2356, Lot 20; Block 2357, Lots 1 and 86; and Block 2539, Lots 2 (part) 32, and 60 (part) - an approximately 26 acre parcel that is bordered by Metro North Rail Road tracks to the north, River Avenue to the east, 149th Street to the south, and the Harlem River to the west (see Figure 1).  The Major Deegan Expressway and Exterior Street a/k/a Major Deegan Boulevard (the street under the Expressway) bisect the project site.  The parcels east of the Expressway would be merged with portions of150th and 151st Streets and Cromwell Avenue to form the eastern section of the project site.  The Proposed Project would involve the closing of the Bronx Terminal Market and the Bronx House of Detention

On the eastern side of Exterior Street, beginning at 149th Street and moving north, the Proposed Project would include a series of five 1 story retail buildings of approximately 23,850 gross square foot (gst) in size - collectively referred to as Retail Building E - with an adjacent surface parking lot of approximately 37 spaces; a 3 story approximately 512,431 gsf building with 413,644 gsf of retail and 262 parking spaces at the ground floor (Retail Building B/F); a 6-level approximately 899,723 gsf parking garage* with a capacity of approximately 2,355 spaces and 17,111 gsf of retail on Exterior Street Retail (Building C) and 8,053 gsf of retail on River Avenue (Retail Building D); a 3-story approximately 468,636 gsf retail building (Retail Building A); and a hotel approximately 217,500 gsf in size with 250 rooms a 30,000 gsf banquet facility and approximately 225 parking spaces (see Figure 1).  On the western side of Exterior Street, the Proposed Project would include a public park and waterfront esplanade totaling approximately 2 acres, and a 2-story approximately 260,934 gsf building with 141,771 gsf of retail and 372 parking spaces at the ground floor (Retail Building G).  In total the project will comprise approximately 2,383,074 gsf of new development on the site, including approximately 1.3 million gsf of new retail uses, 217,500 gsf of hotel uses, and a multi level parking garage and at grade parking totaling approximately 3,251 spaces, as well as a new community amenity, the approximately 2-acre public open space and waterfront esplanade.  The maximum height of the buildings would be approximately 75 feet above average curb elevation The project would also include the development of a signage program consistent with a retail development of this size The project is expected to be complete and operational in 2009 except for the hotel which would not be completed until 2014.

Environmental Review Materials
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Notice of Completion FEIS

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)
Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
Final Scope
Determination of Significance

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Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Project Description
Chapter 2: Land Use, Zoning and Public Policy 
Chapter 3: Socioeconomic Conditions
Chapter 4: Community Facilities and Services
Chapter 5: Open Space
Chapter 6: Shadows
Chapter 7: Historic Resources
Chapter 8: Urban Design and Visual Resources
Chapter 9: Neighborhood Character
Chapter 10: Natural Resources
Chapter 11: Hazardous Materials
Chapter 12: Waterfront Revitalization Program
Chapter 13: Infrastructure
Chapter 14: Solid Waste and Sanitation Services
Chapter 15: Energy
Chapter 16: Traffic and Parking
Chapter 17: Transit and Pedestrians
Chapter 18: Air Quality
Chapter 19: Noise
Chapter 20: Construction Impacts
Chapter 21: Public Health
Chapter 22: Future Conditions
Chapter 23: Mitigation
Chapter 24: Alternatives
Chapter 25: Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitments of Resources
Chapter 26: Response to Comments

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F

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