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NYC Mayor's Office of Environmental Coordination

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Final Environmental Impact Statement

Table of Content
Executive Summary
1.0 Project Description
2.1 Land Use Zoning Public Policy
2.2 Socioeconomic
2.3 Commlunity Facilities
2.4 Open Space
2.5 Shadows
2.6 Historic and Cultural Resources
2.7 Urban Design Visual Resources
2.8 Natural Resources
2.9 Hazardous Materials
2.10 Water and Sewer Infrastructure
2.11 Solid Waste
2.12 Energy
2.13 Transportation
2.14 Air Quality
2.15 Greenhouse Gas
2.16 Noise
2.17 Public Health
2.18 Neighborhood Character
2.19 Construction
3.0 Alternatives
*4.0 Mitigation
5.0 Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitments of Resources
6.0 Growth Inducing
7.0 Unavoidable Adverse Impacts
8.0 Response to Comments Recieved on the DEIS

* These files have been updated to reflect changes noted in an Errata issued on September 10, 2013.View Post FEIS Errata