Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence  
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Data Snapshot
Download the latest data snapshot of domestic violence in New York City (through 2012).

Annual Reports of the NYC Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee
The Fatality Review Committee (FRC) was established through Local Law 61, in June 2005. Annually, the Committee reviews and analyzes family-related homicide data to gain an understanding of the circumstances surrounding the occurrence of these crimes and to ascertain the level to which victims accessed victim assistance and prevention services.

The documents below are PDFs. Download the free reader.

Download the reports:
10th Annual FRC Report 2015
9th Annual FRC Report 2014
8th Annual FRC Report 2013
7th Annual FRC Report 2012 
6th Annual FRC Report 2011  
5th Annual FRC Report 2010 
4th Annual FRC Report 2009 
3rd Annual FRC Report 2008  
2nd Annual FRC Report 2007  
1st Annual FRC Report 2006  

Annual Fact Sheet
OCDV's Annual Fact Sheet includes data on family related homicides, Domestic Violence Hotline calls and other City services.
2015 Fact Sheet
2014 Fact Sheet

2013 Fact Sheet
2012 Fact Sheet  
2011 Fact Sheet  
2010 Fact Sheet  
2009 Fact Sheet  
2008 Fact Sheet   
2007 Fact Sheet  
2006 Fact Sheet  
2005 Fact Sheet  
2004 Fact Sheet   
2003 Fact Sheet  
2002 Fact Sheet  

Quarterly Fact Sheet
OCDV's Quarterly Fact Sheet includes the most current data on family related homicides, Domestic Violence Hotline calls and other City services.
Q1 2013 Fact Sheet 
Q2 2013 Fact Sheet 
Q3 2013 Fact Sheet

Annual Teen Dating Violence Fact Sheet
OCDV's Annual teen Dating Violence Fact Sheet includes data on dating violence prevalence, the New York City Healthy Relationship Training Academy, and the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP).
Latest fact sheet 

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