Request to Reschedule an Upcoming Hearing by Mail (in  PDF)
Request to Reschedule an Upcoming Hearing Online

Appeal Form (in PDF) (Spanish) (Arabic) (Chinese)
Audio Recording Request Form (in PDF)

Motion to Vacate Default Decision issued after January 15, 2014 (in PDF)
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Motion to Vacate Inquest Decision issued before January 15, 2014 (in  PDF)

Second Request to Vacate Default Decision (for Summons Already Granted New Hearing) (in  PDF) (Spanish) (Arabic) (Chinese)

Representative Registration Form (in  PDF)
Representative Authorization Form (in  PDF)
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Translation Services
If you feel more comfortable writing your responses on these forms in a language other than English, please do so. Your responses can be written on these forms in the language of your choice. OATH will have all applications and forms translated into English, free of charge.

Informational Brochures

OATH Taxi & Vehicle for Hire Hearings brochure (in PDF)
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Download "Should I Appeal?" brochure (in PDF)
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Admit to Charges & Pay a Lower Fine. (in PDF)
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Summary of New Rules at the OATH Taxi & Limousine Tribunal (in PDF)
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Appeal Decisions

OATH Rules for Taxi & Vehicle for Hire Hearings

Summary of New Rules

Enforcement/Inspection Agencies
NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey