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OATH is an independent administrative law court that conducts nearly 300,000 hearings each year.  Our mission is to provide fair and timely hearings and trials. OATH oversees the operations of two divisions: the Trials Division and the Hearings Division, which is responsible for conducting  Health and Consumer Hearings, the Environmental Control Board (ECB) Hearings , and Vehicle for Hire Hearings. It also offers training services through the Administrative Judicial Training Institute and mediation services through the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution.

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Read OATH’s Annual Report for 2015 (in PDF)

OATH cited in Administrative Conference of the United States’ Self-Represented Parties at Administrative Hearings Draft Report. The report is part of a larger project on the subject which comes out of a working group that the Administrative Conference co-leads with the Department of Justice’s Office for Access to Justice. Read the report (in PDF).

On October 26, 2016, OATH will host the fourth event in a series that it is calling Building Bridges for Small Businesses. This event is for Bronx-based small businesses that want to learn how to respond to Notices and Summonses that they may receive from City enforcement agencies. You can view the event flyer (in PDF) for more details and to learn how to register for this free event.

OATH establishes its first-ever Clerk’s Office
On June 13, 2016, OATH officially established its Office of the Clerk. Clerks in the Clerk’s Office are responsible for assisting those respondents who come to OATH for in-person hearings or call OATH with questions about the status of their case or seek information about the options available to them. Clerks also manage the hearing calendar for the OATH Hearings Divisions; they field requests to reschedule hearings as well as help cases flow throughout the day by making sure OATH’s Hearing Officers have the case files and other necessary materials needed to conduct hearings in an efficient, fair and orderly manner. The Clerk’s Office is also responsible for accepting payments, processing penalties, and mailing out the Hearing Officers’ decisions and other notices. OATH Clerks can be reached by calling OATH’s helpline at 1-844-OATH-NYC, by email at ClerksOffice@oath.nyc.gov or by visiting an OATH Hearing Center in person.

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Final OATH Tribunal Rule (in PDF)
This rule modifies OATH's procedural rules to streamline processes, provide greater efficiency and consistency across tribunals and give OATH the flexibility to transfer or allow new types of cases to be made returnable to OATH in the future.

Find summaries of recent recommendations issued by judges from the OATH Trials Division in BENCHNotes.


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