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Translation Services
If you feel more comfortable writing your responses on these forms in a language other than English, please do so. Your responses can be written on these forms in the language of your choice. The OATH Hearings Division will have all applications and forms translated into English, free of charge.

Reschedule Hearing Forms

Request New Hearing Date Online

Request New Hearing Date by Mail (in PDF)
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian)

Hearing Forms

One-Click (Online) Hearing

After Hearing is Complete

What Happens Next? (in PDF)

Failure to Appear at Scheduled Hearing (Default) Forms

Request a New Hearing after a Default Online

Request a New Hearing after a Default by Mail (in PDF)
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian)

Appeal Online Forms

File Your Appeal Online 

Financial Hardship Application Online (in PDF)

File Your Response to an Appeal Online

Appeal by Mail Forms

File Your Appeal by Mail (in PDF
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian)

File Your Response to an Appeal by Mail (in PDF)
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian)

Request for Extensions and Hearing Recordings by Mail (in PDF)
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian)

Registered Representative Forms

Informational Flyer: News Affecting Registered Representatives (in PDF)
Representative Registration Form (in PDF)
Representative Authorization Form (in PDF)
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Chinese) (Bengali) (Russian) (French Creole) (Korean)

Informational Brochures

To learn about how to respond to a Notice or Summons at OATH, download the informational brochure What is the OATH Hearings Division? (in PDF
(Spanish) (Chinese-Traditional) (Russian) (Bengali)

To learn more about defaults, read the informational brochure Defaulted Cases: What You Should Know (in PDF)
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian)

To learn how to appeal a Hearing Officer’s decision after you have had a hearing, download the informational brochure Should I Appeal? (in PDF
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese-Traditional) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian)

Summary of New Rules at the OATH Hearings Division

OATH Rules and Procedures

Health and Restaurant Decisions

Enforcement/Inspection Agencies
NYC Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene