Reopen a Default
If you do not respond to a ticket on or before the scheduled hearing, you will receive an order from ECB. This order is called a Default Order. If you did not appear, you may have to pay a higher fine. If you got a Default Order, you can:
  • Pay the penalty and any additional penalties that may have been imposed or  
  • Apply to reopen the defaulted case

How to Reopen Your Defaulted Case

  Online - The easiest way is to submit this electronic request form.
Please note that the online form can be translated by using the “Translate this Page” black button on the top of the page. You can submit this form in the language you feel most comfortable using.
  By Mail - To apply to reopen by mail, print the below form (in PDF), and send it to the address listed on the top of the form.

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You may only request a new hearing once for each ticket so make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Read the NYC Rule that governs when a request for a new hearing can be legally granted by the ECB Hearing Officer. If your first request for a new hearing is received by ECB within 45 days of the missed hearing date, ECB will grant the request.

If ECB Grants Your Request
If your request for a new hearing is granted, ECB will mail you a new hearing date. You must attend the new hearing. If your ticket is one that does not require you to come to the ECB hearing in person, you can submit a defense by mail, over the phone, or online, but ECB must receive your defense on or before the new scheduled hearing date.

If ECB Denies Your Request
You will have to pay the default penalty and any additional fees or interest that may have accrued. If you do not pay the penalty, ECB may file papers with the Civil Court of New York City. The Department of Finance, the agency responsible for collecting money that is owed to the City, may also start collection activities. Learn about payment options.

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