Hearing by Phone

A Hearing by Phone allows you to tell a Hearing Officer over the phone why you think the charges on a summons should be dismissed.

Are You Allowed to Have a Hearing by Phone?
Enter the violation code below to learn if you are allowed to have a Hearing by Phone. If your code is not found, you must appear in person.

Get help finding your code (in PDF     

Schedule a Hearing by Phone

 You can send the OATH Hearings Division a request for a Hearing by Phone by using a simple online form.  The form must be submitted to OATH before the scheduled hearing date.  OATH will then call you to schedule the Hearing by Phone.



You can call OATH Hearings Division's Remote Hearings Unit to schedule your Hearing by Phone.  Please call (212) 436-0777 before the scheduled hearing date.



Translation Services
If you feel more comfortable making your case in a language other than English, OATH will provide translation services immediately and free of charge.

The Hearing Officer’s Decision 
You will get the hearing officer's decision in the mail within 30 days.

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