In-Person Hearing
You can contest your ticket at an in-person hearing on the date, time, and location listed on your summons. Below is a short video that will show you how an in-person hearing at OATH works. You can also learn about the general hearing process by downloading the What is the OATH Hearings Division? (in PDF)(Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean)(Russian) (Urdu)

Your Hearing
Be sure to bring any documents or witnesses to support your case. When you arrive, check in at the reception area. A Hearing Officer will call your name and will take you to a hearing room. If you brought witnesses with you, they should go with you into the hearing room. There may be a person who works for the City agency that gave you the summons in the room.

All hearings are recorded. The Hearing Officer will introduce him or herself and will explain how things will be done. If someone from the enforcement agency is present, that person will talk first. You are allowed to ask questions. When the person from the agency is finished, you will have a chance to state your case. You can ask the Hearing Officer to consider evidence or a witness’s testimony. When everyone is finished, the Hearing Officer will end the hearing. If you are found guilty on any violation, the OATH Hearing Officer will impose the appropriate penalties. All penalties are set by law and no one at OATH has the ability to alter or waive a penalty amount

Translation Services 
Free translation services are available at all hearings.

The Hearing Officer's Decision
Decisions are typically sent in the mail, to both sides within 30 days of the hearing. If you want your decision and you are willing to wait in the waiting room, you can ask the Hearing Officer if it is possible to get the decision on the same day of your hearing.

Please Note:
There are no recording devices allowed in the hearing rooms. All cell phones must be turned off.

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Ticket-Issuing Agencies
Business Integrity Commission (BIC)
Department of Buildings (DOB)
Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Fire Department (FDNY)
Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)
Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications

Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)
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