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Scholarship Opportunities

2015 Scholarship Guide

     The Training Bureau's Educational Resource Center is an example of the Police Commissioner's commitment to providing on going educational opportunities to members of this Deparment. It offers internet access for reserch, a growing number of library holding, a full time professional librarian, transcripts, and information about scholarship opportunities.  The Scholarship Unit is available to provide educational counsel as well as useful information for continued educational success. 

     The Educational Resource Center promotes professional development by providing educational opportunities that will enhance abilities and skills in a way that is consistent with a changing complex police environment. 

     Currently, 64 college credits are required for promotion to Sergeant.  Ninety-six credits are required for promotion to Lieutenant, and a baccalaureate degree is needed for promotion to Captain.  It is important to remember that these are minimum requirements.  Many supervisors enhance their career potential by pursuing advanced degrees.  Additionally, there are positions available within the Department that require specific academic credentials that may be earned through Department scholarships. 

     Pursuing an education may also provide an opportunity to explore career options in addition to the law enforcement field.  Many of our members have pursued careers as doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, university professors, writers, and other professions. 

     Much of this information applies to civilian members of the service as well.  Whether it is a matter of enhancing your career potential within a specific title, or earning degrees that will lead to promotion or change in title, returning to school is a step worth taking.  In addition to opportunities offered by the Department, the City, employee unions, religious, fraternal, and ethnic organizations also make many educational opportunities available. 

     Whether you are a Police Administrative Aide enrolled in a degree program or a Lieutenant unraveling the mysteries of computers in a certificate program, continued education provides an opportunity to enhance your career. All too often many view the issue of time as a prohibitive factor.  For those we offer non-traditional programs that allow members the flexibility to work toward a degree at their own pace. 

     The Scholarship Unit is continuously searching for educational opportunities.  They maintain a wealth of information for pursuing educational advancement and are readily available to any member of the service.  They are eager to assist in the process and everyone is strongly urged to take advantage of this benefit. 

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