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Human Resources

     The Human Resources Section is committed to the ongoing effort of providing support and advisement to members of the service assigned to the Training Bureau, both uniformed and civilian as well as school safety recruits. Numerous queries are handled on a daily basis by the HRS staff. The practices and objectives of the Human Resources Section provide a culture that emphasizes high performance, personal empowerment, quality standards and goal attainment for all members of the Training Bureau. In addition, the Human Resources Section staff created and implemented a women in law enforcement seminar based on concerns of female recruits. Police personnel are available from 0600 hours to 2400 hours to assist with family, health, discipline, academic, time management and financial concerns. Human Resources serves as a liaison to the Department’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity. All contacts are confidential, except when issues of suicidal/homicidal ideation or criminal misconduct are revealed. Additionally, if referred by an instructor or supervisor, the information to be shared with the referral source will be discussed before disclosure. Referrals are made by Police Academy Instructors, Team Leaders, Squad Commanders or by self-referral. Employees are referred to external sources to obtain services that cannot be provided by the Human Resources Section. The Human Resources Section will continue to maintain an open-door policy that is committed to the task of conflict resolution and guidance in a mentoring atmosphere.