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Firearms and Tactics Training

    The Firearms and Tactics Section is tasked with the important responsibility of providing firearms requalification and tactical training to uniformed members of the Department. The principal concern with any firearms instruction is always safety. The Firearms and Tactics Section takes careful steps in creating a safe working and learning environment. All firearms training starts with recruit firearms basic and continues through the in-service semi-annual qualification cycles, both of which continue to be the base essentials of all NYPD firearms training. 

 The Firearms and Tactics Section Mission:

  • Develop skills required for the safe and proficient use of firearms
  • Provide entry level training for newly hired officers
  • Instruct and re-qualify all uniformed members of the service with firearms
  • Develop strategies and tactical training to minimize firearms use
  • Improve firearms safety

The Firearms and Tactics Section conducts the following programs:

  • Recruit 13 Day Basic and Tactical Firearms Training Program
  • Semi Annual Firearms Re-Qualification Cycle for approximately 35,000 In–Service Officers
  • FATS–Training : Firearms simulator scenario based training
  • Special Weapons Training conducted for Special Operations Division and Highway Patrol
  • Advanced Tactical Firearms Course for plainclothes personnel
  • Tactical Pistol Firearms Course for Patrol, Transit and Housing Officers performing patrol related duties
  • Scenario based training using Simunitions marking cartridges – “force on force” training
  • Less Lethal Devices Training on Conducted Energy Devices
  • Less Lethal Device Training on Pepper Spray, Polycarbonate Shield and Velcro Restraining Straps
  •  Tactical Review Sessions for all Uniformed Members of the Service who have discharged their firearm in the line of duty.