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Training Bureau | Police Cadet Corps



Commanding Officer
Inspector Michael S. McGrath,

NYPD Police Cadet Corps
130-30 28th Avenue, 5th floor,
College Point, NY 11354
(718) 670-9722

The mission of the  Police Cadet Corps is to recruit the best candidates possible with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of college graduates within the uniformed ranks of the NYPD. The Police Cadet Corps is a public-service apprenticeship for college students that not only provides 1,800 tours of training and work experience over two years, but incentive for these students to permanently join the NYPD's ranks as uniform members.  This is accomplished by integrating Cadets into the daily operations of the Department.

The Cadet Corps provides up to $20,000 in tuition assistance. Cadets are also paid $14.16 per hour. In keeping with this mission, the Police Cadet Corps recruits extensively at institutes of higher learning throughout the New York City area, Nassau County, and Westchester County, not only to provide a public service to New York City residents but to attract recruits who reflect the diversity of the community.

In an effort to expose Cadets to a wide variety of experiences, they are assigned to different work locations within the Department. These include assignments in the Patrol, Transit, and Housing Bureaus and specialized units. Cadets also participated in special details, serving as actors in scenarios for Recruit Training School assessment exercises, Equipment Section inventory, psychological testing with the Medical Division, Explorer Competition Day, Citizens' Police Academy Registration, Patrol Borough Manhattan North Clergy Conference, NYPD Career Seminars, Annual Clergy Liaison Conference, Annual Equal Employment Opportunity Liaison Training Conference, Detective Bureau Counter Terrorism Symposium, Annual FDNY/NYPD Race, Women in Policing Conference, the March of Dimes, the U.S. Open and several precinct Harmony Day Picnics.

The success of the program is reflected in its participants. They include students from a wide variety of public and private educational institutions.  The benefits of the Cadet Corps’ work experience can be seen in the rate of promotion.  Cadets are promoted to Sergeant and above at two times the rate than of Police Officers who never participated in the program.  Additionally, Cadets are promoted to the Executive ranks (Captain and above) at a rate of nearly two and half times than that of Officers who were never Cadets.  

If you are interested in joining the Police Cadet Corps Program, please click the link below:
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