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Tactical Training Unit


    The Tactical Training Unit strives to develop tactical acuity through a rigorous training program designed to invest members with the flexibility and range to resolve street encounters with efficacy. Courses aim to cultivate a tactical mindset, inspiring active assessment of risk and context within the fluctuating dynamics of urban policing.

The Tactical Training Unit currently administers the following regular course schedule:

Decoy Operating Course
Dignitary Protection Course
Handcuffing Course
Basic Plainclothes Course
Expandable Baton Course
School Safety Officers Course
Fire Marshalls

Basic Plainclothes Course

The Basic Plainclothes course is  a three (3) day course provided in conjunction with the Firearms and Tactics Section. The course includes lectures on tactical mindset; streamlined frisking techniques; stress inoculation drills; “street simulation” protocols; tactical calisthenics and defenses against edged weapons. The Basic Plainclothes Course continues to function as prerequisite training for uniformed members of service assuming plainclothes assignments and decoy training. It also provides instruction on empty hand tactics, grappling and ground defense, weapon retention/disarming, and legal issues related to the plainclothes dynamic.

Expandable Baton Course

The Expandable Baton Course spans one day in duration. It is offered to uniformed members of service matriculated in the Department prior to 2003. The course is designed to hone basic skills with the expandable baton. The course describes the basic structure of the baton, proper striking technique and legal issues related to the use of the baton.

Decoy Operations Training: Decoy Operations Training, developed primarily for Transit Bureau Personnel, provides instruction on the composition and dynamics of decoy teams, legal issues, case folders, pre-operational planning, the tactics of rapid deployment and decoy rescue strategies. The course avails itself of talent from the Transit Bureau, Patrol Services Bureau, Organized Crime Control Bureau and Training Bureau.
• The Dignitary Protection Course is administered jointly with the Intelligence Division. Instruction consists of weapon disarming, knife awareness, rope-line techniques and takedowns.

Fire Marshals Course: Administered to an outside agency, the Fire Marshals Course spans two days and includes instruction on empty hand tactics, expandable baton, handcuffing, grappling and weapon disarming and retention.

School Safety Officers Course: The School Safety Officers Course  instruction on sound searching and handcuffing technique.

Handcuffing Course:  The Tactical Training Unit focuses instruction on sound searching and handcuffing technique.