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Leadership Training Section

     The mission of the Leadership Training Section (LTS) is to provide a top quality training and education program to the NYPD’s supervisory and managerial ranks. Our promotional and in-service courses provide students with a choice of offerings utilizing management theories, leadership concepts, supervisory information, and best practices consistent with the Department’s policies. Our goal is to enhance the performance of members at each of the executive and middle management ranks, both uniformed and civilian. We address training from many levels, and help supervisors develop a solid core of knowledge based on law, NYPD procedures and regulations, and specific areas of expertise. In addition, we hone their leadership and tactical communication skills through diverse real-life experiences, as well as through hands-on seminars delivered by subject matter experts. By developing prepared, knowledgeable supervisors, we at LTS ensure that our current and future NYPD leaders are equipped to manage in our agency with professionalism, confidence, and skill.

The Leadership Training Section is comprised of five sub-units:

● The Executive Development Unit
● The Captains Promotional Unit
● The Uniformed Promotions Unit
● The Citywide Incident Management System (CIMS) Unit
● The Leadership Development Unit

The Police Academy’s Executive Development Unit serves as the in-service training arm for the New York City Police Department’s executive management corps. The mission of the Executive Development Unit is to provide educational training which reflects the management priorities of the Department. EDU nurtures the continued maturation of the Executive Corps, and enhances the knowledge and abilities of the leaders by developing and maintaining curricula which respond to the needs of the Department’s Executives and challenge their perspectives as members representing the finest police department in the world.

The mission of the Captains Promotional Unit is to develop and deliver powerful and relevant executive leadership training that each NYPD executive can put to immediate and effective use in the service of the people of New York City.

The mission of the Uniformed Promotions Unit is to provide quality leadership training for newly promoted NYPD sergeants and lieutenants. We are committed to enhancing the knowledge and professional capabilities of these newest leaders of the NYPD by in-depth analysis of leadership and management theories, supervisory concepts and practices, legal issues, and basic responsibilities of the NYPD middle manager.

The mission of the CIMS Unit is to conduct all CIMS, NIMS, and Incident Command System training for the NYPD, including executive and line supervisor in-service training.  We develop response, safety, and contingency plans, and prepare training curriculum.  The unit also provides subject matter expertise on Incident Command and NIMS for training and exercise citywide.  The mission of the CIMS Unit is to enhance the use of the National and Citywide Incident Management Systems within the New York City Police Department at both emergency incidents and large preplanned events.  The Unit provides instruction and support to senior level managers of the Department.  We liaison with Federal, State and local entities, develop curricula, and incorporate exercises that augment and improve the emergency management preparedness of the NYPD.

The Leadership Development Unit is dedicated to researching, developing, and presenting police supervisory and leadership training relevant to the NYPD and to each member participating in the training. We are further dedicated to hands-on, discussion based, and peer driven training methods to the highest extent possible. Finally, we are dedicated to producing leadership training, which is flexible and versatile enough to permit quick responses to immediate and identified training needs. To achieve this mission, three (3) training programs are established:  The Uniformed LEAD Program, the Civilian LEAD Program, and the Professional Seminar Series.