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Precincts | 76th Precinct

Deputy Inspector Elliot Colon



Crime Statistics  
191 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11231-3003
(718) 834-3211

The 76th Precinct is located in Brooklyn South and covers a vast waterfront area. A large volume of trucking and shipping services frequent the pier area during daytime hours. Other types of industries located in the command and related to pier operations are manufacturing, warehouses, and shipping. There are many small retail business establishments and most are located along Atlantic Avenue, Court Street and Smith Street. The Red Hook Recreational Area located along Bay Street consists of 58 acres of playing fields and the Red Hook Pool. The religious population of the command consists of the Catholic faith, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant. There are large residential areas within the confines of the 76 Precinct consisting of one, two and three family homes.

Contact Information

Precinct: (718) 834-3211
Community Affairs: (718) 834-3207
Crime Prevention: (718) 834-3203
Domestic Violence: (718) 834-3204
Youth Officer: (718) 834-3218
Auxiliary Coordinator: (718) 834-3218
Detective Squad: (718) 834-3221 

Community Council

President: Jerry Armer
Meetings: The 76th Precinct community council meets the first Wednesday of each month at the 76th Precinct at 7:30 P.M.