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Precincts | 72nd Precinct

Captain Emmanuel Gonzalez



Crime Statistics   
830 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11232-1702
(718) 965-6311

The 72nd Precinct is mostly residential consisting of private homes and small apartment buildings. There are no housing projects within the confines of this command. The Sunset Park Community, which accounts for approximately half of the population, is predominantly Hispanic. The Windsor Terrace Community is predominantly White, middle class, and accounts for almost the other half of the population. There is a growing Asian community residing in the southeast end of the precinct and accounts for approximately 10% of the population.


Contact Information

Precinct: (718) 965-6311
Community Affairs: (718) 965-6326
Community Policing: (718) 965-6350
Crime Prevention: (718) 965-6320
Domestic Violence: (718) 965-6363
Youth Officer: (718) 965-6301
Auxiliary Coordinator: (718) 965-6323
Detective Squad: (718) 965-6336

Community Council

President: Donna Maxil
Meetings: The 72nd Precinct Community Council Meeting is held every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. held at the Marien Center located at 4520 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, 11220.