New York City Police Department

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Precincts | 71st Precinct

Deputy Inspector Norman L. Grandstaff



Crime Statistics   
421 Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY, 11225-3217
(718) 735-0511

The 71st Precinct is located in Central Brooklyn in the southern end of the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. It is primarily a residential and commercial area consisting of factories, warehouses, one and two family private houses as well as numerous apartment buildings home to 110,000 lower and middle income residents. The four primary commercial strips are Utica Avenue, Kingston Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, and Flatbush Avenue. The residents living in the confines of the 71st Precinct are primarily of three major and distinct ethnic groups; African American, Lubavitch Hasidim Eastern European Jews and Carribbean Americans.

Contact Information

Precinct: (718) 735-0511
Community Affairs: (718) 735-0527
Community Policing: (718) 735-0528
Crime Prevention: (718) 735-0528
Domestic Violence: (718) 735-5704
Youth Officer: (718) 735-0526
Auxiliary Coordinator: (718) 735-0521
Detective Squad: (718) 735-0500

Community Council

President: Karl Cohen
Meetings: The 71 Precinct Community Council meetings are held every third Thursday of each month at MS 61, located at 400 Empire Boulevard at 7:30 P.M.