New York City Police Department

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Precincts | 68th Precinct

Captain Joseph W. Hayward



Crime Statistics   
333 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11220-4927
(718) 439-4211

The 68th Precinct provides police service to the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton. These middle-class neighborhoods are culturally and ethnically diverse. Over recent years there has been a significant influx of people of Middle-Eastern and Asian descent into the area. One and two family homes dominate the landscape; however, there are also many four and six story apartment houses throughout the precinct. Residents and visitors enjoy the recreational amenities afforded by the area's seven major parks, movie theater, golf course, as well as the spectacular waterfront along "The Narrows" between Brooklyn and Staten Island. Independent merchants, as well as some chain stores provide for ample retail shopping and other services along Third, Fifth, Eleventh and Thirteenth Avenues as well Fort Hamilton Parkway and 86th Street. Over one hundred restaurants, bars and nightclubs provide for a vibrant nightlife. Fort Hamilton is the only active military installation in New York City.


Contact Information

Precinct: (718) 439- 4211
Community Affairs: (718) 439-4220
Crime Prevention: (718) 439-3455
Community Policing: (718) 439-4220 / 228
Domestic Violence: (718) 439-4216
Youth Officer: (718) 439-4254
Auxiliary Coordinator: (718) 439-4223
Detective Squad: (718) 439-4230 /236/237 

Community Council

President: Ilene Sacco
Meetings: The 68th Precinct Community council meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. and provides the community with the opportunity to meet local officials and raise their concerns. The meetings are held at the 68th Precinct located at 333 65th Street.