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Press Release | Holiday Pedestrian Initiative

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NYPD Announces Results of Week-Long Enforcement Aimed at Providing Safe Passage for Pedestrians and Shoppers During Holiday Shopping Hours

The New York City Police Department today announced the results of a pedestrian safety initiative conducted citywide last week which focused on areas with higher concentrations of pedestrians and holiday shopping locations. Patrol officers issued 4,612 double parking summonses, 2,857 moving violation summonses and made 226 arrests for suspended licenses. The initiative is a part of the NYPD’s effort to reduce traffic infractions and conditions that cause death and injury to pedestrians.

The initiative began on Monday, December 9th and concluded on Friday, December 13th. Enforcement was conducted between 0700 and 2300 hours.

Additional officers were assigned to enforce hazardous traffic violations at shopping districts and major pedestrian crossings. Violations included double parked vehicles, failing to yield to pedestrians, disobeying red lights and improper turns.

There were 2,152 double parking violation summonses issued in Manhattan, 1,368 in Brooklyn, 637 in Queens, 445 in the Bronx and 10 in Staten Island.

There were 944 moving violation summonses issued in Manhattan, 705 in Queens, 684 in Brooklyn, 409 in the Bronx and 115 in Staten Island.

There were 74 arrests of operators driving with a suspended license in Brooklyn, 70 in Queens, 66 in Manhattan, 14 in the Bronx and 2 in Staten Island.

Pedestrians and drivers are reminded to exercise extra caution on city streets during the holiday travel season, especially during inclement weather.


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