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Press Release | Pedestrian Safety & Awareness Drive Results

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Initiative Discourages Unsafe Driving and Promotes Pedestrian Safety Ahead of Heavy Holiday Crowds and Traffic

The New York City Police Department today announced the results of a pedestrian safety initiative conducted citywide last week. Patrol officers issued 4,347 moving violation summonses to motorists, issued 1,308 double-parking summonses to vehicles and made 91 arrests for moving violations. The initiative is a part of the NYPD’s ongoing effort to decrease traffic infractions and conditions that cause death and injury to pedestrians.

The initiative, conducted Monday Nov. 18 through Friday Nov. 23 during the morning and evening rush hours of 6 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. respectively, targeted areas and intersections where there is a history of pedestrians being struck by vehicles. Police established safety checkpoints and conducted directed patrols near mass transportation hubs, schools and shopping districts that have been problematic in each precinct.

There were 1,374 moving violation summonses issued in Manhattan, 1,274 in Brooklyn, 969 in Queens, 562 in the Bronx and 168 in Staten Island.

There were 749 double-parking violation summonses issued in Manhattan, 290 in the Brooklyn, 117 in Queens, 151 in the Bronx and one in Staten Island.

There were 46 arrests of operators driving with a suspended license in Manhattan, 23 in Queens, 13 in Brooklyn, seven in the Bronx, and one in Staten Island. There was one arrest for reckless driving in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn.

Officers addressed infractions which contribute to pedestrian injury including but not limited to failure to yield to pedestrians, failure to obey a traffic signal, unsafe lane change, cellphone use, disobeying stop signs, passing school buses while lights are flashing and double parking.
As part of the initiative, Community Affairs and Crime Prevention officers distributed pedestrian safety pamphlets and highlighted pedestrian safety. Precinct Youth Officers and School Safety personnel also educated students on the dangers of crossing mid-block.
Over the past decade, traffic fatalities have declined in New York City by 30 percent, and the last six years have been the safest in more than a century, recording the fewest traffic fatalities.
Ongoing City initiatives to increase traffic safety and reduce speeding include the expansion of Neighborhood Slow Zones and the installation of speed cameras, including near schools this year.

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