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Press Release | Operation Crew Cut Results

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Monday, November 25, 2013


NYPD Credits Reduction to Operation Crew Cut; 21% Decrease In Homicides and Shootings Overall

Strategic Enforcement Team in Brownsville, Brooklyn Identifies 20 Subjects Being Indicted Today

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly announced Monday that one year after the implementation of the NYPD’s “Operation Crew Cut,” crime statistics show that homicides among young people ages 13 to 21 – those who are most at risk of retaliatory street violence such as that which Operation Crew Cut is designed to suppress – have fallen 50.6%, from 87 to 43 through November 24. Commissioner Kelly was joined at One Police Plaza by Chief of Department Philip Banks III, Chief of Patrol James P. Hall; Assistant Chief Gerald Nelson, the commander of Patrol Borough Brooklyn North; Deputy Inspector Joseph Gulotta, the commanding officer of the 73rd Precinct in Brownsville; Lance Ogiste, Counsel to the Kings County District Attorney; and Chief of the Kings County District Attorney Gangs Bureau, Edward J. Carroll.
“Strategic enforcement and proactive policing combined with strong prosecutorial partnerships, including attention to the new battleground of social media, have resulted in lives being saved in New York City, mostly young minority men.” Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said. “Additionally, shootings and homicides citywide, regardless of victim age, are down 21% on top of 2012’s record lows.”
Commissioner Kelly said that since the establishment of Operation Crew Cut last October, police and prosecutors have conducted 25 investigations throughout the five boroughs resulting in more than 400 crew members indicted for crimes including murder, robberies, assault, and weapons possession. Twenty subjects responsible for violence in Brownsville's 73rd Precinct have been identified in indictments being unsealed in Brooklyn today. The charges include the August 2012 shooting homicide of a 14-year-old "ATC - Addicted to Cash" crew member, Ronald Wallace.

In 2011, about one-third of shootings in New York City were committed by young people motivated by geographic turf or other street crew rivalry. In response, the Department increased the number of detectives in its Gang Division and shifted investigative attention to loosely organized crews, as well as partnered NYPD attorneys with Gang Division investigators and their counterparts in the five District Attorneys’ offices. A Juvenile Justice Division was established within the Community Affairs Bureau and its members have, along with helping to enhance investigations with insight gleaned from open-source social media, held ‘youth summits’ to educate parents and guardians, school personnel and other adults on signs of crew involvement or violent criminal behavior, and ways to mitigate that.
At the precinct level, Strategic Enforcement Teams (SETs) were developed and deployed to perform proactive, anti-crime patrol and in cases of established rivalries, to identify and apprehend perpetrators and prevent further escalation between groups. Members of the NYPD’s Transit and Housing Bureaus were trained and dedicated to work closely with investigators on cases. A disproportionate number of shootings occur in public housing --- approximately one in five or 20% of violent crimes citywide, with only 5% of New York City residents living in public housing.
Year to date, the Department also has recovered 2,657 guns, including from young men originally stopped for infractions such as turnstile jumping . Five guns were recovered from the subjects identified in Monday's case, including a loaded 22-caliber revolver from a 14-year-old female crew member carrying it in her pocketbook this August.

VIDEO: «Commissioner Kelly Announces Operation Crew Cut, Oct. 2012»

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