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Press Release | Weekend Traffic Advisory

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Friday, September 7, 2012

The New York City Police Department today announced street closures and anticipated traffic delays for the weekend of September 8th and  September 9th , 2012. Drivers should expect delays in the following areas:

Saturday, August 25 through Sunday, September 9, 2012
Queens:          1100 x 2300
Closure:          None
Location(s): Queens Arterials (Entire length)
Grand Central Parkway
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
Cross Island Parkway
Long Island Expressway
Whitestone Expressway
Van Wyck Expressway
Queens Local Streets:                                                          
Northern Boulevard between Junction Boulevard and Clearview Expressway
Roosevelt Avenue between Main Street and 104th Street
College Point Boulevard between 31st Avenue and Horace Harding Boulevard
126th Street between Roosevelt Avenue and Northern Boulevard
111th Street between Roosevelt Avenue and Horace Harding Boulevard
Astoria Boulevard between Triboro Bridge Plaza and 114th Street
Motorists may experience extra traffic volume on these roadways during this event

Thursday, September 06th thru Thursday, September 13th, 2012
Time: Intermittent
Closures: Intermittent
Area bounded by:
• West 72nd Street on the North
• West 57th Street on the South
• Central Park West/ Columbus Circle/ 8th Avenue on the East
• Amsterdam Avenue/ 10th Avenue on the West

Saturday September 8th   

Manhattan:    1000 x 1200
44th Street between Vanderbilt Avenue and Broadway
45th Street between Vanderbilt Avenue and Broadway
46th Street between Vanderbilt Avenue and 7th Avenue
47th Street between Madison Avenue and 6th Avenue
48th Street between Madison Avenue and 6th Avenue
Vanderbilt Avenue (West side) between 43rd Street and 47th Street
5th Avenue between 42nd Street and 67th Street
5th Avenue between 67th Street and 72nd Street
The above streets will be closed for this event

Manhattan:    1100 x 1800
3rd Avenue between 14th Street and 23rd Street closed

Queens:          1100 x 1800
Location(s): Woodside Avenue between Roosevelt Avenue and 65th Place
61st Street between Roosevelt Avenue and Woodside Avenue
The above streets will be closed for this event

Sunday, September 9th

Manhattan:    1100 x 1800
3rd Avenue between 86th Street and 66th Street closed

Manhattan:    0900 x 1100
Central Park West between 75th Street and 90th Street closed

Manhattan:    1100 - 1400
Broadway between 45th Street and 47th Street       
7th Avenue between 46th Street and 47th Street (Curb Lane Only)
46th Street between 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue
The above streets will be closed for this event

SUMMER SPACE (DOT Weekend Walks)
Brooklyn: 1100 x 1800
Montague Street between Clinton and Hicks Streets closed

Brooklyn:       1100 x 1800
5th Avenue between 44th Street and 59th Street closed

Bronx:            1200 x 1430
Southern Boulevard between East Tremont Avenue and Boston Road
Boston Road between Southern Boulevard and Charlotte Street
Charlotte Street between Crotona Park East and Boston Road
The above streets will be closed for this event

Bronx:            0800 x 1300
East 161st Street between Macombs Dam Bridge and Grand Concourse
Grand Concourse between East 161st Street and Mosholu Parkway
Mosholu Parkway between Paul Avenue and Van Cortlandt Avenue E
Paul Avenue between Mosholu Parkway and Bedford Park Boulevard
Bedford Park Boulevard between Paul Avenue and Goulden Avenue
Goulden Avenue between Bedford Park Boulevard and West 205th Street
West 205th Street between Goulden Avenue and Paul Avenue
The above streets will be closed for this event

Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens:    0600 x 1800
Closure:       None
Manhattan:  Start/Finish in Central Park
Route- Section A
West 110th Street between Lenox Avenue and Riverside Drive
Riverside Drive between West 110th Street and West 74th Street
West 74th Street between Riverside Drive and Broadway
Broadway between West 74th Street and Columbus Avenue / 9th Avenue
9th Avenue between Broadway and Hudson Street          
Hudson Street between 9th Avenue and Bleecker Street
Bleecker Street between Hudson Street and Mott Street
Mott Street between Bleecker Street and Hester Street
Hester Street between Mott Street and Baxter Street
Baxter Street between Hester Street and Leonard Street
Leonard Street between Baxter Street and Lafayette Street
Lafayette Street between Worth Street and Centre Street
Centre Street between Lafayette Street and Brooklyn Bridge
Route- Section F
103rd Street (Pedestrian Bridge)
FDR Drive (Bike Path)
1st Avenue between East 105th Street and East 111th Street
East 111th Street between 1st Avenue and 5th Avenue
West 111th Street between 5th Avenue and Lenox Avenue
Route- Section K
Broadway between 9th Avenue and West 218th Street
West 218th Street between Broadway and Seaman Avenue (Bike Lane)
Seaman Avenue between 218th Street and Riverside Drive
Riverside Drive between Seaman Avenue and Dyckman Street
Dyckman Street between Riverside Drive and 10th Avenue (Bike Signal)
Harlem River Drive between 10th Avenue and FDR Highway (Service Road)
8th Avenue between FDR Highway (Service Road) and 154th Street
154th Street between 8th Avenue and Bradhurst Avenue
Bradhurst Avenue between 154th Street and 145th Street
145th Street between Bradhurst Avenue and Edgecombe Avenue
Edgecombe Avenue between 145th Street and 139th Street
139th Street between Edgecombe Avenue and Saint Nicholas Avenue
Saint Nicholas Avenue between 139th Street and 124th Street
Saint Nicholas Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and 7th Avenue
Saint Nicholas Avenue between 7th Avenue and 110th Street

Route- Section A
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard between Tillary Street and Sands Street
Sands Street between Adams Street and Navy Street                  
Navy Street between Sands Street and Flushing Avenue
Flushing Avenue between Flushing Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue
Vanderbilt Avenue between Flushing Avenue and Plaza Street East (Plaza Street West)
Plaza Street East between Vanderbilt Avenue and Prospect Plaza West
Prospect Park West between Plaza Street West and 3rd Street (West Drive)
West Lake Drive (Entire Length)                                       
South Lake Drive (Entire Length)  
East Lake Drive(Entire Length)
Road to Carousel
Route- Section D
St John’s Place between Plaza Street East and Bedford Avenue
Grand Army Plaza
Route- Section E
Bedford Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Division Avenue
Division Avenue between Bedford Avenue and Kent Avenue
Kent Avenue between Division Avenue and Franklin Street
Franklin Street between Kent Avenue and Eagle Street
Eagle Street between Franklin Street and McGuinness Boulevard
McGuinness Boulevard between Eagle Street and Pulaski Bridge (Bike Path)
Route- Section G
Ocean Avenue between Flatbush Avenue and Caton Avenue
Caton Avenue between Ocean Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway
Fort Hamilton Parkway between Caton Avenue and 41st Street
41st Street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and 7th Avenue
7th Avenue between 41st Street and 67th Street
67th Avenue between 7th Avenue and 5th Avenue
5th Avenue between 67th Street and 68th Street
68th Street between 5th Avenue and Narrows Avenue
Narrows Avenue between 68th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue
Bay Ridge Avenue between Narrows Avenue and Shore Parkway (Bike Path)
Bay Ridge Avenue between Shore Parkway (Service Road) and Bay 52nd Street
Bay 52nd Street between Shore Parkway (Service Road) and Cropsey Avenue
Cropsey Avenue between Bay 52nd Street and Neptune Avenue
West 17th Street between Neptune Avenue and Surf Avenue
Surf Avenue between West 17th Street and West 5th Street
West 5th Street between Surf Avenue and Neptune Avenue
Neptune Avenue between West 5th Street and Emmons Avenue
Emmons Avenue between Neptune Avenue and Knapp Avenue
Knapp Avenue between Emmons Avenue and Gerritsen Avenue
Gerritsen Avenue between Knapp Avenue and Avenue U (Marine Park)
Avenue U between Gerritsen Avenue and East 36th Street
Route- Section H
Avenue U between East 36th Street and Avenue T
Avenue T between Avenue U and East 56th Street
East 56th Street between Avenue T and Avenue I
Avenue I between East 56th Street and Ocean Avenue
Ocean Avenue between Avenue I and Foster Avenue
Foster Avenue between Ocean Avenue and Eastern Parkway
Route- Section J
Avenue U between 36th Street and Ryder Street
Ryder Street between Avenue U and Avenue V
Avenue V between Avenue U and Hendrickson Street
Hendrickson Street between Avenue V and Hendrickson Place
Hendrickson Place between Hendrickson Street and Flatbush Avenue (Bike Path)
Flatbush Avenue between Hendrickson Place and Marine Parkway (Gil Hodges) Bridge
Stanley Avenue between 79th Street and Amber Street
Amber Street between Stanley Avenue and Loring Avenue
Loring Avenue between Amber Street and Linden Boulevard
Linden Boulevard between Loring Avenue and Logan Street
Logan Street between Linden Boulevard and Etna Street
Etna Street between Logan Street and Force Tube Avenue
Force Tube Avenue between Etna Street and Highland Boulevard
Highland Boulevard between Jamaica Avenue and Vermont Place
Vermont Place between Highland Boulevard and Cypress Avenue
Route- Section K
Cypress Avenue between East 133rd Street and East 132nd Street
East 132nd Street between Cypress Avenue and Saint Anns Avenue
Saint Anns Avenue between East 132nd Street and East 141st Street
East 141st Street between Saint Anns Avenue and Jackson Avenue
Jackson Avenue between East 141st Street and East 142nd Street
East 142nd Street between Jackson Avenue and Concord Avenue
Concord Avenue between East 142nd Street and East 150th Street
East 150th Street between Concord Avenue and Prospect Avenue
Prospect Avenue between East 150th Street and Boston Road
Crotona Avenue between Boston Road and East Tremont Avenue
East Tremont Avenue between Crotona Avenue and Belmont Avenue
Belmont Avenue between East Tremont Avenue and East 182nd Street
East 182nd Street between Belmont Avenue and Adams Place
Arthur Avenue between Adams Place and Crescent Avenue
Crescent Avenue between Arthur Avenue and Hughes Avenue
Hughes Avenue between Crescent Avenue and East 187th Street
East 187th Street between Hughes Avenue and Marion Avenue
Marion Avenue between East 187th Street and East Fordham Road
East Fordham Road between Marion Avenue and Bainbridge Avenue
Bainbridge Avenue between East Fordham Road and Mosholu Parkway (Bike Path)
Mosholu Parkway between Bainbridge Avenue and West Gun Hill Road
West Gun Hill Road between Mosholu Parkway and Dickinson Avenue
Van Cortlandt Park South between Dickinson Avenue and Dead End (Van Cortlandt Park Golf House)
West 242nd Street between Broadway and Manhattan College Parkway
Manhattan College Parkway between West 242nd Street and Waldo Avenue (Bike Path)
240th Street between Irwin Avenue and Tibbett Avenue
Tibbett Avenue between West 240th Street and West 230th Street
West 230th Street between Tibbett Avenue and Marble Hill Avenue
Marble Hill Avenue between West 230th Street and West 228th Street
West 228th Street between Marble Hill Avenue and Terrace View Avenue
Terrace View Avenue between West 228th Street and West 225th Street
West 225th Street between Terrace View Avenue and Broadway
Route- Section E
Pulaski Bridge (Bike Path)
Pulaski Bridge between 11th Street and 51st Avenue (Bike Path)
51st Avenue between 11th Street and Vernon Boulevard
Vernon Boulevard between 51st Avenue and 8th Street
8th Street between Vernon Boulevard and 27th Avenue
27th Avenue between 8th Street and 12th Street
12th Street between 27th Avenue and Shore Boulevard
Astoria Park
Route- Section J
Rockaway Point Boulevard / State Road between Marine Parkway Bridge and Heinzelman Road
Heinzelman Road between State Road and Barret Road  
Barret Road between Heinzelman Road and Beach 169th Street
Beach 169th Street between Barret Road and Dead End (To Pedestrian Path)
Rockaway Beach Boulevard between Beach Channel Drive and Beach 108th Street
Beach 108th Street between Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Shore Front
Shore Front Parkway between Beach 108th Street and Beach 94th Street
Beach 94th Street between Shore Front Parkway and Beach Channel Drive
Beach Channel Drive between Beach 94th Street and Cross Bay Boulevard (Bike Path)
Van Brunt Road between Dead End and E 21st Road
E 21st Road between Van Brunt Road and Cross Bay Boulevard
Cross Bay Boulevard between E 21st Road and 165th Avenue
165th Avenue between Cross Bay Boulevard and 92nd Street
92nd Street between 165th Avenue and 157th Avenue
157th Avenue between 92nd Street and 84th Street
84th Street between 157th Avenue and 156th Avenue
Shore Parkway Service Drive between 156th Avenue and 84th Street
84th Street between Shore Parkway Service Drive and 151st Avenue
151st Avenue between 84th Street and 79th Street
Cypress Avenue between Vermont Place and Cypress Hills Street
Cypress Hills Street between Cypress Avenue and Cooper Avenue
Cooper Avenue between Cypress Hills Street and 73rd Place
73rd Place between Cooper Avenue and 78th Avenue
78th Avenue between 73rd Place and 79th Street
79th Street between 78th Avenue and Myrtle Avenue
Myrtle Avenue between 79th Street and Forest Park Drive
Forest Park Drive and Woodhaven Boulevard
Forest Park Drive between Metropolitan Avenue and Park Lane
Markwood Road between Union Turnpike and Greenway North
Greenway North between Markwood Road and Ascan Avenue
Ascan Avenue between Greenway N and Queens Boulevard (Service Road)
Queens Boulevard between Ascan Avenue and 102nd Street
102nd Street between Queens Boulevard and 67th Avenue
67th Avenue between 102nd Street and Yellowstone Boulevard
Yellowstone Boulevard between 67th Avenue and 63rd Avenue
63rd Avenue between Yellowstone Boulevard and 108th Street
108th Street between 63rd Avenue and 52nd Avenue
52nd Avenue between 108th Street and 111th Street
111th Street between 52nd Avenue and Cornoa Avenue
Cornoa Avenue between 111th Street and Horace Harding Expressway (Pedestrian Overpass)
Grand Central Parkway Service Road between 62nd Avenue and Meadow Lake Promenade
Harry Van Arsdale Jr Avenue between Meadow Lake Road and 164th Street
164th Street between Harry Van Arsdale Jr Avenue and Underhill Avenue
Route- Section F
Astoria Park (Rest Stop)                                                    
19th Street between 23rd Road and 24th Avenue
24th Avenue between 19th Street and 27th Street
27th Street between 24th Avenue and Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (Bike Path into Randalls Island)
Route- Section M
164th Street between Metclaf Avenue and Oak Avenue
Oak Avenue between 164th Street and Parsons Boulevard           
Parsons Boulevard between Oak Avenue and 35th Avenue
Route- Section N   
164th Street between Metcalf Avenue and Underhill Avenue
Underhill Avenue between 164th Street and 170th Street
170th Street between Underhill Avenue and Lithonia Avenue / Underhill Avenue
Underhill Avenue between 170th Street and Horace Harding Expressway
Cunningham Park Greenway
69th Avenue between 210th Street and Bell Boulevard
69th Avenue between Springfield Boulevard and 230th Street
230th Street between 69th Avenue and 67th Avenue
67th Avenue between 230th Street and 233rd Street
233rd Street between 67th Street and West Alley Road
East Hampton Boulevard between West Alley Road and 232nd Street
232nd Street between East Hampton Boulevard and 50th Avenue
50th Avenue between 232nd Street and Horatio Parkway
Horatio Parkway between 50th Avenue and Cloverdale Boulevard
Cloverdale Boulevard between Horatio Parkway and 223rd Street
223rd Street between Cloverdale Boulevard and Northern Boulevard
Northern Boulevard between 223rd Street and Joe Michaels Mile
Joe Michaels Mile between Northern Boulevard and Totten Avenue
Utopia Parkway between Totten Street and 26th Avenue
26th Avenue between Utopia Parkway and 154th Street
154th Street between 26th Avenue and 32nd Avenue
32nd Avenue between 154th Street and Parsons Boulevard
Parsons Boulevard between 32nd Avenue and 35th Avenue
Route- Section P
35th Avenue between Parson Boulevard and Prince Street
Prince Street between 35th Avenue and Northern Boulevard
Northern Boulevard between Prince Street and Van Wyck Expressway
Flushing Bay Promenade
27th Avenue between Ditmars Boulevard and Gilmore Street
Gilmore Street between 27th Street and 24th Avenue
24th Avenue between Gilmore Street and 92nd Street
92nd Street between 24th Avenue and 23rd Street
23rd Avenue between 92nd Street and Ditmars Boulevard
Ditmars Boulevard between 23rd Avenue and 81st Street
81st Street between Ditmars Boulevard and 19th Avenue
19th Avenue between 81st Street and 49th Street                         
49th Street between 19th Avenue and 20th Avenue
20th Avenue between 49th Street and Shore Boulevard


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