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Press Release | 2012 Medal Day

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Police Officer Alain Schaberger and Detective Peter Figoski Posthumously Awarded Medal of Honor; Detective Figoski’s Partner Detective Glenn Estrada Honored for Chasing and Apprehending Assailant

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today honored 42 members of the New York City Police Department at its annual Medal Day ceremony at One Police Plaza.

“Today we recognize the Finest of the Finest – saluting some of the men and women who went above and beyond in answering the call of duty and responded bravely, judiciously and heroically in circumstances of extreme danger,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Sadly, today we also honor two of New York’s Finest who we lost, dying valiantly in the line of duty. Thanks to those we honor today and the entire NYPD, New York remains the nation’s safest big city. Last year we wrapped up the safest decade in the city’s history – by far.”

“The members of the department being recognized today possess honor and courage in abundance,” said Commissioner Kelly. “Honor, as exemplified by their dedication to serving the public, combined with the courage to confront violent criminals and face life-threatening situations. For their selflessness and heroism, they’ve earned the Police Department’s highest awards: the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Police Combat Cross and the Medal for Valor.”

Family members of Police Officer Alain Schaberger and Detective Peter Figoski received the Medal of Honor, the Police Department’s highest award, on behalf of their loved ones who were killed in the line of duty last year.

Officer Schaberger was arresting a domestic violence suspect in the 84th Precinct on March 13, 2011 when suspect violently resisted on the front steps of his residence, causing Officer Schaberger to fall nine feet and suffer serious injuries. Officer Schaberger succumbed to his injuries that morning. He was a 10-year veteran of the Department who previously served in the U.S. Navy, and had an exceptional reputation as a vigilant, dependable officer, Commissioner Kelly said.

Detective Figoski was responding to a burglary in progress on December 12, 2011 in the 75th Precinct when he was fatally shot by a suspect who tried to flee, struggled with and then mortally wounded then-officer Figoski. Detective Figoski was a 22-year veteran of the Department who made hundreds of arrests and helped to accomplish a 90 percent reduction in crime in the 75th Precinct over those two decades.

Detective Figoski’s partner, Detective Glenn Estrada, heard the gun fire and released the burglar he was struggling with and ran after the assailant who fired the shot. During the chase, he transmitted a precise description of the suspect and his direction of flight, and was able to apprehend him moments later with other arriving officers. Detective Estrada received the Medal for Valor Tuesday.

Other members of the service were awarded as follows:

Distinguished Service Medal – conferred upon the family of a member of the service who succumbed to illness associated with exceptional duty, performed with great responsibility, under unusual hazard or demand. Thirteen members of the service who succumbed to illnesses contracted following the rescue and recovery effort in the aftermath of the September 11th  attacks received the Distinguished Service Medal:

Captain Barry Galfano – Emergency Service Unit
Lieutenant Jacqueline McCarthy – Employee Relations
Sergeant Charles Clark – Police Service Area 8
Sergeant Harold Smith – Narcotics Borough Staten Island
Detective Kevin Czartoryski – Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information
Detective John Goggin – 94th Precinct Squad
Detective Edwin Ortiz – 40th Precinct Squad
Detective Joseph Seabrook – 20th Precinct
Police Officer Robert Ehmer – 110th Precinct
Police Officer Edward Ferraro – Management Information Systems Division
Police Officer David Mahmoud – 75th Precinct
Police Officer Martin Tom – License Division
Police Officer George Wong – HQ Security

Police Combat Cross – The Department’s second highest award, bestowed for extraordinary acts of heroism while engaged in personal struggle with an armed adversary under circumstances of imminent personal hazard. Twelve members of the service, including two retirees, received the Police Combat Cross:

Lieutenant Gary Abrahall (retired) – Transit District 20, Queens
Lieutenant Robert Henderson – 69th Precinct
Lieutenant Paul McMahon – Patrol Borough Bronx
Lieutenant Robert Ortleib – Criminal Intelligence Section
Sergeant James Rector (retired) – Recruitment Section
Sergeant Frank Burns – Patrol Borough Manhattan North Anti-Crime Unit
Sergeant Corey Layton – Patrol Borough Manhattan North Anti-Crime Unit
Sergeant Fabian Sanchez – 83rd Precinct
Sergeant Joseph Seminara – Criminal Intelligence Section
Detective Kevin Concannon – Emergency Service Unit
Police Officer Martha Barrera – Criminal Intelligence Section
Police Officer Keith Beddows – Patrol Borough Manhattan North Anti-Crime Unit

Medal for Valor – The Department’s third highest award, granted for acts of outstanding personal bravery performed in the line of duty and at imminent personal hazard to life, under circumstances evincing disregard for personal consequence. Fifteen members of the service received the Medal for Valor:

Lieutenant Lawrence Serras – Emergency Services Unit
Sergeant Robert Abramson – Patrol Borough Manhattan North Anti-Crime Unit
Sergeant William Coyle – 28th Precinct
Detective Steven Browning – Aviation Unit
Detective Christopher Condon – Emergency Service Unit
Detective Keith Connelly – Emergency Services Unit
Detective Glenn Estrada – 75th Precinct
Detective Peter Quinn – Emergency Services Unit
Detective Nicholas Romano – Queens Gang Squad
Detective Michael Sileo – Aviation Unit
Police Officer Zachary Bonner –32nd Precinct
Police Officer Nicholas Douglas (retired) – 32nd Precinct
Police Officer Derrick Edouard – 41st Precinct
Police Officer Daniel Ehrenreich – 32nd Precinct
Police Officer Ryan Norman – Emergency Services Unit

Unit CitationsTwelve commands were recognized for outstanding performance in sustaining a high level of service to the City of New York in 2011:

1st Precinct
20th Precinct
62nd Precinct
Office of Deputy Commissioner, Public Information
Fleet Services Division
Intelligence Division
Latent Print Section
Narcotics Borough Staten Island
Operations Division
Organized Crime Control Bureau Training Investigative Review Section
Property Clerk Division
Transit Borough Bronx/Queens Task Force


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