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Monday, June 14, 2010

NYPD Inspector Appointed Executive Director of New York City Police Pension Fund

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced the appointment of Kevin Holloran as Executive Director of the New York City Police Pension Fund. Inspector Holloran succeeds Lieutenant Anthony Garvey, who retired.

The fund, whose trustees include Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Comptroller John C. Liu, and Police Commissioner Kelly, as well as leadership of the various police unions, oversees billions of dollars in aggregated assets, supports 43,000 retired members of the service and assists active-duty members in their retirement planning. Its disability board also makes determinations on disability pensions stemming from line-of-duty injuries.
“Kevin Holloran's 21-year career with the NYPD includes years of service not just to the public but also to his fellow officers,” Commissioner Kelly said. “As Commanding Officer of the Medical Division, Inspector Holloran worked closely and expertly with officers who engaged in post-9/11 rescue and recovery operations, ensuring that officers received appropriate medical screening and counseling. Inspector Holloran's dedication to duty and extensive experience make him well-qualified for this important post.”

Inspector Holloran joined the New York City Police Department as a Police Cadet in 1987. In July 1989, he graduated from the Police Academy and was assigned to patrol in the 110 Precinct. He was promoted to Sergeant in September 1994; Lieutenant in October 1998; Captain in June 2001; and Deputy Inspector in December 2003. He was promoted to Inspector in January 2008. He has served in the 9, 110, and 113 Precincts; the Police Academy; Patrol Borough Queens South; Patrol Borough Queens North; the Warrants Section; and the Medical Division.

Currently the Commanding Officer of the Medical Division, Inspector Holloran has also served as its Executive Officer.

While Commanding Officer of the Medical Division Inspector Holloran oversaw the Kingsborough Study, a department-wide review of personnel assigned following the September 11 attacks to the World Trade Center Site, the temporary morgue and the Staten Island landfill. The study included full medical screenings, debriefing and counseling.

During his tenure with the Medical Division Inspector Holloran also established mobile health vans to visit commands throughout the City to provide free medical screenings for members of the service.

Inspector Holloran holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from St. John's University. He is a 2005 graduate of the Police Management Institute at Columbia University.

About Anthony Garvey, Commissioner Kelly said:

“Tony Garvey epitomizes all that is noble in the term 'public service.' He leaves the field with a remarkable record of accomplishment, dedication and professionalism as a police lieutenant, as a union leader and advocate, and finally as executive director of the Police Pension Fund, where he left his mark for competency and integrity.”

“Tony cared deeply for the well being of all around him, literally stopping members of the service on the street to make sure that those who worked on 9/11 and the aftermath had been tested medically and registered for benefits should illnesses arise later. He would personally guide anyone who asked through the complex thicket of health, pension, and savings options of active and retired colleagues.”

“If anything trumped Tony's work in the public arena it was his family. As he turns more fully to them after the tragic and untimely death of their son Brian, we can only hope that the generosity he and Edith demonstrated throughout Tony's professional life is returned to them many times over.”


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