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Press Release | Police Commissioner Stresses Motorcycle Safe

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Thursday, June 3, 2010


In the wake of a fatal motorcycle accident in Queens yesterday involving an off-duty police officer, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today reminded all members of the Department that they may take the NYPD's motorcycle safety course on department time and at no cost to themselves.

In the accident yesterday, the rider appeared to have lost control of his motorcycle and collided with a guardrail.

“Sadly, in recent years, an increasing number of off-duty members of the service have been involved in serious and sometimes fatal motorcycle accidents,” Commissioner Kelly said. “Even riders who thought they had adequate training came away impressed by how much more there was to learn from our professional safety instructors,” he said, adding that “I strongly encourage members of the service to avail themselves of the valuable safety training that is provided by experts in the NYPD Highway District.”

The course is offered by the NYPD's Driver and Education Training Unit.

The Department's Motorcycle Safety and Familiarization Exercise (SAFE) course consists of three hours of classroom instruction followed by five hours of practical riding offered on the last Monday and last Friday of every month.

All sessions are conducted by experienced NYPD instructors assigned to the Highway District Driver Training School.

One hundred and sixty six members of the service have taken the course since it was first introduced in January 2008, including 64 who have taken the course on department time. Officers were first permitted to take the course while on department time in October 2009.

Members of the service who have previously taken the course have overwhelmingly indicated that their riding skills have improved as a result.


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