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Press Release | 2009-PH10

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Press Release # PH10
Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Presentations Study Various Terrorist Programs and Relevance to Western Regions; Underscores Multi-Regional Approach to Threat Detection and Deterrence


NYPD PHOTOS: 1) New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly addresses members of Operation Sentry, the NYPD-led program to detect and deter terrorist threats which may originate outside of New York City; 2) Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence David Cohen wraps up one portion of the Operation Sentry conference convened Tuesday at Police Headquarters. The meeting was attended by approximately 125 representatives from state and local law enforcement agencies.

The NYPD Tuesday convened a regular meeting of its Operation Sentry program, a multi-regional, multi-agency initiative designed by the Department’s Intelligence Division to help detect potential New York City-bound threats originating outside of it.

“We know that terrorists aren’t limited by state or county borders,” Commissioner Kelly said. “In this day and age, neither can we be.”

Specialists from the NYPD Intelligence Division presented an update of the Al Qaeda terrorist threat and a review of the tactics utilized in the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, as well as research summarizing the training and movements of foreign fighters from Somalia to Western destinations. Also covered during Tuesday’s conference was a recent case in which Operation Sentry members uncovered a developing domestic plot to destroy an upstate New York military arsenal and export explosives to Puerto Rico, in which three individuals last month pleaded guilty to federal charges. The presentations were concluded with a case study overview of Hezbollah activities in Argentina. Approximately 125 representatives of various state and local law enforcement agencies attended the conference.

Built around the fact that the 1993 World Trade Center attack and 2005 London mass-transit system bombings, as well as other plots in the United States and overseas, were developed outside of their immediate target areas, Operation Sentry focuses the information gathering and sharing of approximately 100 state and local law enforcement agencies with whom the NYPD partners to identify, detect, and, if necessary, defeat threats, as well provides training in prevention and deterrence. Operation Sentry also serves as a network through which gang, narcotics and other criminal data may securely be disseminated.

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